Sunday, December 24, 2023

Tip off Chamberlain vs. Russell

 Here is the first roll for the tip off of Wilt Chamberlain vs. Bill Russell in our title game.

A few notes on the two team pages and scoresheet below.

1. For Kansas 1957, Chamberlain plays all 44 possessions and gets the ball on a 5, 6 or 8, thus two dimes since the dimes tell you where the 6, 7 and 8 dice rolls go.

2. For the other 4 Kansas positions and all 5 San Francisco positions, the reserves will play possessions 44-38 and the all starters (the top row) play the rest of the game.

3. The scoresheet is set up to start every player with 2 points each to assume a 20-20 tie after 22 possessions played, leaving at least 44 possessions to be played out. However, we are going back through and marking any player card that averages less that 2 points per game and noting to start them a 0 points - and we make a "-2" on the scoresheet for each of them.

The team still needs 20 points at the start of the game, so certain players can start with 3 (a 3-pointer instead of a 2-pointers), 4 points on an extra 2-point basket, or even 6 points for a player like Chamberlain who averages close to 30 points per game.

The first roll of the game is shown. The "8" went to Chamberlain (even though his card says 6 and 8, I actually go left to right in dimes to give it to Ron Johnston for the first done (6) the a 7 or 8 goes to Chamberlain).

The red and grey 6-sided dice equal a 46, which is not a turnover on Chamberlain's cardz so we go to the 20-sided die. The "11" means Chamberlain went to the line of a foul. Actually San Francisco catches a break because Bill Russell does not enter the game until possessions 37-1 so the foul is on backup Gene Brown.

Chamberlain hit both free throws in a 7 and a 1 on the 20-sided die (he hits on 11-13 and misses on 14-20 so a 65% free throw shooter).

Kansas leads 2-0 but more importantly no foul on Russell.

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