Sunday, December 10, 2023

Nevada Leads Best 2023 Colleges Not Yet in Game

 Worked through second straight weekend at, so no new games played in our tournaments. However, with the buzz in Virginia about the rising programs at James Madison University (ranked #18) and Liberty University, we took a look at the best teams this season who do not yet have a team in the game from another great season.

The bottom line is the ratings so far do not give any of them a good shot to have their 2024 team make the grade. Those two are among 12 top 100 teams who do not yet have a team in the game. However, none are in the top 60. Here are the teams to watch. Most surprising to me is Nevada, which I thought I added the COVID season but apparently not, so will watch closely

Kenpomno team yetconf
65Grand CanyonWAC
71James MadisonSB
82Boise St.MWC
84North TexasAmer
86Appalachian St.SB
98McNeese St.Slnd

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