Saturday, December 23, 2023

Chamberlain-Russell Match-up If Kansas Beats Providence

 Billy Donovan's Providence plays Wilt Chamberlain's Kansas, with the winner facing Bill Russell's San Francisco in our 8-team tournament culminating this Christmas weekend using the Value Add Basketball Game.

This was the 2nd year of a 15 year stretch during which Bill Russell won 13 of 15 championships - the first two NCAA titles with San Francisco and the rest NBA championships with the Boston Celtics. There was no NCAA Player of the Year when Chamberlain and Russell played (it started the year after and Oscar Robertson won the first three), but at the NBA level Russell edged Chamberlain five MVPs to four as the debate raged over whether the most dominant stats (Chamberlain) or championships (Russell) determined the greatest player. 

While Chamberlain could claim only two NBA titles and triple overtime loss in an NCAA title to Russell's 13 titles. However, in 94 games against Russell, Chamberlain dominated 30.0 points to 14.2, and 28.1 rebounds to 22.9 leaving stat guys like me claiming Chamberlain was the greatest player ever before Michael Jordan and the 3-point line, while others claiming Russell was the greatest ever based on the titles.

Results will follow.

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