Thursday, May 12, 2022

Reverse Ranges on Card Just Mean A Blank Range

A fan pointed out what appeared to be an error in Wander Franco's card, with a backward range of 41-38 on strike outs. This gave me a good chance to clarify that when you see a backward range, it just means the calculation is that range should be blank - so Franco should never strike out on his own card.

For the rare batter with no strike out numbers on his card like Franco, here is the math on how many time he would strike out in 128 plate appearances in Statis-Pro games. If all 64 numbers came up once on the batters card and Franco has 0 on those 64 plate appearances, and then all 64 numbers come up once on an average pitcher's card with an average of 17 strikeouts, then Franco would strike out 17 times in 128 plate appearances or 13% of the time - much less than the current average of 23% of the time.

In fact, Franco has actually been to the plate almost exactly that many times in the real season - 131 - and has struck out even fewer with just 13 strikeout for less than 10% of all plate appearances. So on his card a 38 is a Deep drive that might be a homer, a 41 is a walk, but there are no strikeouts in between.

All 2022 Projected Batters (49 pages, 9 cards to a page) and All 2022 Projected Pitchers (62 pages, 9 cards to a page) is the only other thing needed to play the game, though more detailed instructions appear in this Statis-Pro baseball Game Rules.

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