Saturday, May 14, 2022

Hendriks Save, Pressley Rare blown Save Sinks Astros

 The Astros and White Sox boast two of the best reliever cards in our game. In two pitcher duels, Hendriks wrapped up a 2-0 win for the Sox in the first game.

Pressly in turn seemed set to wrap up a 4-2 win for the Astros in the 9th. Tim Anderson had his 6th hit of the two games to start the inning, but Pressly had a strike out and Maldonado made a clutch defense catch of a foul ball for two outs.

Grandalz with perhaps the best eye in the game, the drew a walk. Pressly's RR is 3, so he was still a pb2-9 for the next batter Abreu. However Abreu's bloop single made it three baserunners to burn out his 3rd and final rr to reduce his PB to 2-8, and Anderson raced home and since baserunners allowed or runs lower the RR by one, that run pushed Pressly down another number to a pb2-7.

That was key because when the next batter Sheets came up the PB number was an 8, this on his card instead of Pressly's 2-7 card, and the result was a 3-run homer on his card to win the game as opposed to what would have been a strikeout on Pressly's card to end the game with an Astros win.

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