Sunday, May 29, 2022

Arenado Homers off Buehler in Statis-Pro while Brew Crew leads Cards 6-0 on TV

 Finally time to take a break for Statis-Pro today and set up our last two teams - the 2-seed Brewers and 1-seed Dodgers.

Below I show how I cut out and figured out the Dodgers line-up and rotation. Then settled in watching the Cards on TV losing 6-0 to the Brewers, but in my game Arenado hit a 2nd inning homer off Buhler to make it 1-0. The Cards had to play in and crushed the 9-seed Marlins, but that means their No. 3 starter Matz is on the mound trying for the upset.

Brewers are on deck and will get the 7-seed Phillies, who likewise had a playing - beating the Cubs but now on their 3rd pitcher vs. the Brewers.

Results to follow:

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