Friday, May 7, 2021

Wrigley (11-55 HR) Cost Cubs Win; Reds Pen Blows 1

The Reds pen blew the first game when their top two relievers (Lorenzen and Garrett) both games up multiple runs in less than an inning in a 6-5 loss. However, lousy fielding hurt on a few clutch defense plays, including the walk off when Farmer could not get to a grounder to short to turn it into a single.

In the second game Marinsnick, who had come in to pinch run previously for Heyward, hit a deep drive that could have been a 2-run game winning homer but did not make it out of Wrigley (11-55 Home Run, 66-88 out). In the top of the 9th Senzel hit the game winning homer on a deep drive that did get out barely (44).


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