Sunday, May 2, 2021

deGrom worst start still quality win in split with Braves

 Despite JD Davis (worst Clutch Defense of CD1) misplacing a grounder in to single to allow a 3-run Braves inning, deGrom finished a 6 inning quality start for another Mets win in Statis-Pro. 

Note the first game was not scored a sweep, because it was only 6-3 Mets at the end of 8 innings - the point at which a team mist be ahead 5 to have a chance for the sweep. At that point the Braves could use their two fringe players in the 9th, where Joseph gave up 6 runs and Ynoa a 7th, the lose 13-3, but save top relievers for the nightcap- which they needed in a 1-0 win.

More important for me was getting in 2 miles on the walking desk during the twin bill.

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