Monday, May 3, 2021

Martinez bat and pitching helps Cards beat Padres

 Note Carlos Martinez not only picked up the win relieving a scoreless 5th and 6th, but he has one of the best pitcher's hitting cards (Home Run: 25) and hit for himself and had a key hit in the game winning rally. Like in real baseball, the Padres players look dominant, but they finish this series with a decent but not great 22-20 record.

NL Byes if Season ended today
New York 27-15
Milwaukee 23-13
NL Wildcards if Season ended today
St. Louis 25-17
Los Angeles 24-18
Arizona 20-16
Cincinnati 20-16
NL Miss Playoffs if season ended today
San Diego 22-20
Atlanta 21-21
Washington 21-21
Chicago 16-20

1 comment:

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