Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Mets or Dodgers Team to Beat - Showdown

Our Statis-Pro standings seemed a little off with the Mets rise to first place, while everyone's preseason favorite the Dodgers were playing a little above .500 this season. However so far our season was a good early predictor. So far this season 10 of 15 teams are roughly as good (within .050 winning %) in Statis-Pro as the actual season, with these exceptions:

Better in real life than game: SF and Phil

Better in game then real life: AZ, Mil, Wash (with our 4-man rotation, Strasburg or Scherzer start half of the Nats games)

The great series between the Mets and Dodgers, after double checking all teams rosters in the previous blog, left the Mets still in first and with a series split. 

Pete Alonso's slugging (5 of 7, two doubles and homer) almost wasn't enough to get the split. Entering the 8th with a 7-1 lead, two Mets relievers allowed the first seven Dodgers to reach before Diaz came in with bases loaded and a 7-5 and converted a rare two inning save. Our rules discourage 2 inning saves. If a reliever Strattles 2 innings, he can only be at full strength for 4 batters, so Diaz was a pb 2-9 for his first four batters, the a 2-8 and finally a 2-7 for the last 2 faced.

It was the second straight game the Dodgers scored five runs, winning the first game 5-3 before losing 5-7 in the second game.

We'd love to see these two in a real NL Championship Series.

Here are the standings in our game play:

Mets 30-18  ---

Cardinals 25-17  2

Brewers 25-17.  2

DBacks 24-18   3

Dodgers 27-21.  3

Reds 23-19.  4

Padres 22-20.  5

Braves 21-21   6

Nationals 21-21. 6

Cubs 19-23. 8

Relegated- 16-20 or worse: SF, Col, Mia, Pit, Phil

Here are the match-ups for this round.

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