Sunday, May 23, 2021

Statis-Pro NL Schedule After Giants Back as 11th NL Team

We still question if the San Francisco Giants can last in the NL playoff race. However, when we updated our Statis-Pro cards for players who dramatically improved or fell short of their projections, it was amazing to see the incredible improvement of the entire rotation, plus Posey's home run range improving from 33-34 to 33-37. 

The Giants were one of five teams relegated after Series 6 of the season due to a record of 14-22. We let them go back and play Series 7 and 8 with the updated cards, and an 8-4 mark actually improved them to 22-26 to sneak ahead of the Cubs for 10th place of 11 (see photos of 2 series below).

At that stage we put them back in the mix, scheduling out Series 9-14 with all 11 of these teams playing the other 10, plus four other series against teams that had been relegated in either the AL or NL. While the Cubs are a game behind the Giants by one game in last place, the grid of games shows they are the only team that has yet to play a relegated team and thus gets to pay one in Series 11, 12, 13 and 14. That gives them a big chance to advance, since so far the 11 teams in the league are 85-47 against relegated teams.
TeamWLWin%GBSeries 9
MIL31230.574-2split LAD 3-3
LAD30240.556-3 split Mil 303
CIN29250.537-4split SF 3-3
Wash25230.521-5Phil (relegated)
SF25290.463-8split Cin 3-3
Total Record342342   
Total Series57   

The Giants went 5-1 against the Pirates, as Gausman and Wood showed off their improved PB2-9 and PB2-8 cards, allowing only 4 total hits over a combined 12 2/3 innings. 

The Giants almost lost the series to the Marlins, but a 3-run rally in the bottom of the 9th inning of the nightcap gave them the split.

Series 9

LAD Split 3-3 with Milwaukee

Arizona vs. Chicago Cubs

Vs.lanta vs. San Diego

Cincinnvs.i split 3-3 San Francisco

NY Mets vs. St. Louis

Washington vs. Relegated


Series 10

Arizona vs.  NY Mets

Vs.lanta vs. LA Dodgers

Chicago vs. Relegated

Cincinnvs.i vs. San Diego

Milwaukee vs. San Francisco

St. Louis vs. Washington


Series 11             

Vs.lanta vs. Relegated   

Arizona vs. LAD

Cincinnvs.i vs. Washington          

Milwaukee vs. San Diego              

NYM vs. San Francisco   

AL Team vs. St. Louis      

AL Team vs. Chicago       


Series 12

Milwaukee vs. St. Louis

Chicago vs. San Francisco

Arizona vs. Vs.lanta

Cincinnvs.i vs. LA Dodgers

Relegated vs. San Diego

Relegated vs. St. Louis

Relegated vs. Washington

NY Mets vs. Relegated


Series 13

St. Louis vs. San Francisco

Arizona vs. Washington

Los Angeles vs. San Diego

All others playing Relegated teams


Series 14

LAD vs. St. Louis

All others playing Relegated teams.

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