Saturday, November 27, 2021

Reposting the 3 Key Posts to this Website - old hoops cards still valid

Even though this is the featured post at the bottom of the first page if you are in the website mode, it does not appear if you are on the phone. Therefore I periodically repost this short blog noting the three main posts references for this blog as a new post to get it to the top.

3 Key Posts - Hoops and Baseball Game and Player Ratings

The key three links for this blog site the links to two free games with player cards - Statis-Pro Baseball Game and the Value Add Basketball Game - and the database rating all the college basketball players of this century at

One key note is that while we just made available the 30 new all-time great college basketball teams, the original 98 all-time great team cards will all continue to work fine.

We are touching them up slightly so that the format is the same as the new 30 teams (larger font is easier to read) and I am also going through each team to type in suggested possessions in the game for each player. It can be a little jigsaw puzzle to get each good player there maximum possessions played - but for the 10s of thousands of you who have printed out the other 98 teams you can keep using those even once I finish the link to the set of all 128 in the new format.

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