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AL East - Preview or What-if Season to Date

With Major League Baseball hoping that play an 82-game schedule, this blog covers the results of our AL East games using Statis-pro cards for current rosters. These cards and rosters simulate the projected hitting, pitching and fielding for each player on a 2020 team (including rookies and new stars from Japan and Cuba). 

These might be previews of an upcoming 82-game season or if MLB is unable to play it might become a "what-if" blog like our 2020 March Madness. You can also click on the AL West, AL CentralNL EastNL Central or NL West. We use ballpark factors.

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Division Statis-Pro Results to Date
  1. Tampa Bay 27-15 - best rotation and deep relief have them in first though Yanks cards look a little better.
  2. New York Yankees 27-21 - not only incredible line-up, but the team that can bring in relief pitchers as early as the 4th inning that are better than many teams stoppers, and with Cole coming from Astros as ace could be scary good. (The biggest cutoff is TB and NYY have great deep bullpens, and the rest of the division is very weak as soon as their starter leaves)
  3. Toronto 22-20- fun line-up with Biggio's son, Guerrero's son, and Gurriel's little brother in a hitters park they can rally. Adding one of best starters in Ryu from Dodgers helped them to .500 including split with Yankees, if they can just get through middle innings to Giles to close.
  4. Boston 15-21 - still a strong betting line-up but with out former MVP Betts. What really hurts them this year is Sale injured for the season on top of Price leaving, so far in game leaving them mismatched vs. opposing aces in the division with blue Jays Ryu (2nd in NL Cy Young with Dodgers), Yankees Cole (2nd in AL Cy Young with Astros), and Rays Morton (3rd in AL Cy Young).
  5. Baltimore 14-34 - former Reds SS on an MVP-level so far to make Orioles offense exciting, but so far pitching having a tough times in brutal division.
Click for google doc grid of all games. Read across for each team's wins against every other foe, then top to bottom for their losses. Below is only AL vs. AL through May 15, but google doc will include inter league and stay up to date.

For all the results of the AL East vs. NL East games (2 series each team) click on NL East blog. All of the other AL East games are below:


NY Yankees won 4-1, Cleveland swept 8-3

See AL West for Baltimore getting swept 6 none by Oakland.

See AL West for Boston losing 4 games to 2 to Angels.

Baltimore won 7-6, then Toronto won 4-1.

Tampa Bay won 6-5 and cleveland won 4-3.

Tampa sweeps 6-1 then wins again 5-1 at Baltimore. Meadows stroked three triples in the 2-game series and the best starting rotation in baseball did the rest. The Orioles managed only a run in the bottom of the 9th in the first game and then one run in the bottom of the 1st inning in the second game. In the rest of the series, the Rays allowed only 2 hits in 16 innings pitched, as Snell took a shutout into the 9th and then Glasnow went longer than usual with seven innings to require only the deadly duo of Yarbrough (who can go a few innings normally) and then one of the best closers in the game in Anderson to wrap up. The Rays stretched their lead to two games over the Yankees at the 36-game mark. In real news, Snell received some negative press for saying he did not plan to play this year if the deal went though for players to play at reduced salaries, and while we don't want to weigh in on any players vs. management issues, we only note that this Rays team looks like it really has a chance at the AL East if Snell does pitch.

NY Yankees won 5-3 and 6-5 at home vs Baltimore. Yankees third baseman Mike Tauchman rallied them from down 4-0 against the last place Orioles, hitting a 3-run homer in the 7th and then a big single in the 8th after Aaron Judge added the go-ahead 2 run homer. That single helped the Yankees to an insurance run for a 6-4 lead, which they needed with the Orioles rallied to score again Britton in the top of the 9th for the 6-5 final. Chapman was used to Save the 5-3 win in the first game. To keep innings realistic our league rules are that each reliever can pitch in only one of each 2-game series, though long relievers can go up to three innings in that game.

Boston won 13-10 in 10 innings, Toronto swept 7-1.
Fenway did not help the red Sox - as three deep drives in the two games resulted in only one triple that resulted in no runs, and two catches on the track.

Yankees 6-2, then Toronto 5-3.

Tampa 6-2 and 8-3 sweep over Red Sox.

  • ChiSox 5, Toronto 3. Keuchel 5, 2, Ryu, 3.2, 2 (w Cishek, L Gaviglio, S Bummer. Jimenez HR, 2b.
  • ChiSox 3, Toronto 1. Gonzalez 5,1, Roark 6.2, 1, W-Cease, L-Bass. Anderson GW-HR.

  • Boston 10, Baltimore 1 (sweep), Rodriguez 9 IP, 1 R, W; Means 3.1, 4 L. Martinez 2b, HR, 3 rbi.
  • Baltimore 5, Boston 3, Milone 6, 2 W, McHugh 2.2, 3 L. Iglesius HR, 3b.

  • NY Yankees 2, Tampa 0 (7 innings, rain). Cole 7, 0 W, Morton 5.2, 2 L. Ford HR, W.
  • NY Yankees 5, Tampa 2. Happ 4,3, Chirinos 3, 2 (w Britton, L Beeks, S Chapman). Judge 2b, 1b, GW Hr.

    • Tampa 21, Toronto 5.(sweep) Tampa 21 runs on 21 hits.
    • Toronto 3, Tampa 0 (10 innings). Shoemaker no-hitter into 8th. Fisher started in 2nd and Biggio on 1st in 10th per extra inning rules, and on Bichette single Fisher OBR A gunned down at home by Renfroe's T5. However Vlad Guerrero JR hit 3-run Homer on last card in deck for win.

    • New York 7, Boston 4
    • Boston 12, New York 8 (10 inn)

    • Baltimore 5, Texas 1.
    • Texas 9, Baltimore 8.

    Chicago WS win 13-9 and 9-6 at Detroit

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