Friday, May 29, 2020

Astros, Nats Leads Evaporate Due to Hot Braves, Yankees and Dodgers

We are using the top of this blog to paste Scoresheets for each 2 games.

After 10 nl advanced to the main Statis-Pro season, the defending NL champ Nationals ripped off 6-straight wins, before dropping 3-of-4 to drop into a tie with the Braves at 7-3. The Dodgers lead the NL West with the same mark.
30 18

NL East then WestRecordAL East, Central, WestRecord
Washington 7-3NY Yankees30-18
Atlanta 7-3Tampa Bay31-23
Philadelphia 5-5Toronto23-25
Chicago 4-6
New York 1-9Minnesota31-23
Los Angeles 7-3Chicago White Sox22-26
Arizona 6-4
St. Louis 5-5Houston35-13
Milwaukee 5-5LA Angels28-20
Cincinnati 3-7Oakland28-20

50 NL Statis-Pro games have been played while 37 AL or Interleague Statis-pro double headers have been played. The double headers take about an hour and each count as a 6-game series, counting as a 4 games to 2 or 3-3 split UNLESS a bonus win is awarded to a team for a win in which they won after leading by at least 5 runs after the 8th without using their closer.

While the NL records are against only the other 9 qualifying teams, the AL records counts games against relegated teams (grid of all games). The six teams that were below .500 at the 42-game mark were dropped, leaving three teams in each AL Division. The Astros lead the League, with the Twins and Rays - holding off the Yankees until the games below.

To get you started simulating the baseball season with the free Statis-Pro cards and games, we start you with a blog with Yankees and Dodgers cards and how to play the game, and then players for all 30 teams on this google sheet

Here is the update from the senior circuit.

The leaders are starting to separate a bit, but the wildcard race will definitely go down to the last day. The determination of seeding 3-6 will also go to the final regular season games.

Also unlike the AL, the NL takes time to compile stats. Early stats leaders from a quick 10-game sample.

·         Marcell Ozuna, Atl [17-44] .386 (Braves lead NL Statis-Pro in scoring averaging 7.1 runs/game.
·         Starling Marte, Arz [17-45] .378
·         Kolten Wong, Stl     [16-43] .372

Home Runs
·         Ronald Acuna, Atl.          5
·         Bryce Harper, Phl            5
·         Juan Soto, Wsh                4

Runs Batted In
·         Jay Bruce, Phl                   13  [he is actually platooning, so only played 7-games]
·         Ronald Acuna, Atl            11
·         Eduardo Escobar, Arz     11

Starting Pitchers (3 starts)
·         Max Scherzer, Wsh                       23 IP, 2 ER, 2-0, 0.78 ERA
·         Madison Bumgarner, Arz             26 IP, 3 ER, 3-0, 1.04 ERA
·         Walker Buehler, LA                       23 IP, 4 ER, 2-1, 1.57 ERA

·         Pete Alonso, NY, [9-39, .231, 1 HR, 2 RBI]
·         Christian Yelich, Mil, [5-35, .143, 0 HR, 1 RBI]

Other NL teams were relegated and are only used by the AL for some interleague games.

In the AL we started with all 15 teams and let them play through 12 actual games each, including their 4 divisional opponents twice. Because our AL counts each game as 3 games - scoring it as a 2-1 series win unless a team wins after leading by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th without using their closer.

At the "42-game" mark we dropped the teams below .500 which left 3 in each division. The angels then beat the blue Jays convincingly 5 games to 1, but they stay alive with these standings to date:

Most recent AL Results

Pittsburgh 11-3 sweep and 9-5 win over Indians

Twins win 4-2 and 8-5 over Rays

If AL playoffs today, LA Angels vs Oakland for wildcard (nudging Twins and Rays by percentage points) to face Astros, and Yankees host Indians.

Yankees sweep 12-2 then win 6-4 vs White Sox

Oak swept TB 3-0 and 3-1

LA Angels won 5-1 then sweep 7-1 over Blue Jays

Here is the box for the game.

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