Saturday, May 9, 2020

Pitcher's at bat cards for all 2020 players

The standard NL starting pitcher should hit with an OPS close to .200, which is reflected by using the hitting card in the middle with singles on 11-14. The standard AL starting pitcher or NL reliever rarely hits, and when they do use the same middle card but only allow hits on 11 or 12, so the strikeout range is 13-48. In either case, ignore the opposing pitcher's PB and simply use the next card or dice roll to get the 11-88 number and use the pitcher's hitting card. (The third card to the right just gives you an option if you need a pitcher's card created for a new player.)

However, if a pitcher hits well then look up his career or projected OPS and and round it to the nearest .050, then reference it on the chart below to adjust his batting card. This card will give him almost the exactly correct OPS at the plate over time. Note that if his OPS is closest to the .400 or below card, then you still skip the opposing pitcher's card and go straight to the pitcher's batting card. However, if his OPS puts him on a .450 or higher card, then you are basically working from the card on the left, and you treat him as a normal hitter and check for the opposing pitcher's PB first to see if the RN will be on the opposing pitchers card or not. You can also use this chart for any new players who do not have a full card.

The following are the 60 pitchers we project to hit for an OPS of at least .250 based on a sufficient number of career or in a few cases season at bats. They are listed by team, but with the NL team listed first. The Reds' Michael Lorenzen is the top hitter of all pitchers, projecting an OPS of .700 which translated to the card with a home run on a 26-31.

Player2020 TeamHighest Hit RangeLeagueProj OPS
NL Starter not listed1B: 11-14NL0.200
AL Starter/NL ReliefNot listed below1B: 11-12NL/AL0.150
Fried,MBravesHR: 26NL0.550
Lauer,EBrewers2b: 15 (skip RN)NL0.250
Suter,BBrewersHR: 21NL0.450
Woodruff,BBrewersHR: 21NL0.450
Flaherty,JCardinalsHR: 21NL0.450
Martinez,CCardinalsHR: 24NL0.500
Wainwright,ACardinalsHR: 21NL0.450
Chatwood,TCubsHR: 24NL0.500
Darvish,YCubs2B: 15-16 (skip RN)NL0.300
Hendricks,KCubsHR: 16 (skip RN)NL0.350
Lester,JCubs2B: 15-16 (skip RN)NL0.300
Bumgarner,MDiamondbacksHR: 24NL0.500
Leake,MDiamondbacksHR: 24NL0.500
Lively,BDiamondbacksHR: 16 (skip RN)NL0.350
Buehler,WDodgers2B: 15-16 (skip RN)NL0.300
Kershaw,CDodgersHR: 21NL0.450
Rodriguez,DGiants2B: 15-16 (skip RN)NL0.300
Samardzija,JGiantsHR: 16 (skip RN)NL0.350
Lopez,PMarlinsHR: 18 (skip RN)NL0.400
Smith,CMarlinsHR: 21NL0.450
deGrom,JMetsHR: 21NL0.450
Matz,SMetsHR: 21NL0.450
Syndergaard,NMetsHR: 21NL0.450
Corbin,PNationalsHR: 18 (skip RN)NL0.400
Hudson,DanielNationalsHR: 21NL0.450
Scherzer,MNationalsHR: 21NL0.450
Davies,ZPadresHR: 16 (skip RN)NL0.350
Paddack,CPadres2b: 15 (skip RN)NL0.250
Strahm,MPadresHR: 26NL0.550
Arrieta,JPhilliesHR: 21NL0.450
Eflin,ZPhilliesHR: 16 (skip RN)NL0.350
Morgan,APhillies2b: 15 (skip RN)NL0.250
Nola,APhilliesHR: 16 (skip RN)NL0.350
Velasquez,VPhilliesHR: 21NL0.450
Wheeler,ZPhilliesHR: 16 (skip RN)NL0.350
Archer,CPirates2B: 15-16 (skip RN)NL0.300
Brault,SPiratesHR: 26-27NL0.600
Musgrove,JPiratesHR: 18 (skip RN)NL0.400
Williams,TPirates2b: 15 (skip RN)NL0.250
DeSclafani,AReds2B: 15-16 (skip RN)NL0.300
Gray,SRedsHR: 18 (skip RN)NL0.400
Lorenzen,MichaelRedsHR: 26-31NL0.700
Freeland,KRockies2B: 15-16 (skip RN)NL0.300
Lambert,PRockiesHR: 18 (skip RN)NL0.400
Marquez,GRockiesHR: 26NL0.550
Greinke,ZAstrosHR: 24AL0.500
Perez,CarlosAthleticsHR: 26-27AL0.600
Roark,TBlue JaysHR: 16 (skip RN)AL0.350
Ryu,HBlue JaysHR: 21AL0.450
Blach,TOriolesHR: 21AL0.450
Milone,TOriolesHR: 26AL0.550
Lopez,JorgeRoyalsHR: 18 (skip RN)AL0.400
Maeda,KTwinsHR: 16 (skip RN)AL0.350
Keuchel,DWhite Sox2B: 15-16 (skip RN)AL0.300
Clarke,THR: 18 (skip RN)Agent,Free0.400
McGowin,KHR: 18 (skip RN)Agent,Free0.400
Richard,C2B: 15-16 (skip RN)Agent,Free0.300
Ross,THR: 24Agent,Free0.500
Wilson,AHR: 24Agent,Free0.500

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