Sunday, December 8, 2019

All-Time March Madness Bracket

Here are the updated bracket scores from our All-Time March Madness Tournament to Date. Here is the master list of all 96 teams and predictions. Click on the EastWest, Midwest and South bracket to follow the results in each, or click on the Value Add Basketball Game instructions to get the free game and play for yourself. Click here for the google sheet with player cards for all 96 teams. Click here for box scores to all tournament games.

Underdogs won only six of the first 21 games, a little lower percentage than would be expected.

Since 1976 Indiana is consider the 2nd overall No. 1 Seed and Kansas 2008 the 3rd overall No. 1 seed, the Midwest (Indiana) and South (Kansas) will meet in the Semifinal.

Since UCLA 1972 in considered the No. 1 overall seed, and Kentucky 1996 the overall 4th No. 1 seed, the West (UCLA) and East (Kentucky) champion will meet in the other semifinal).

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