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Wrap-Up of 1st Round of All-Time Great Tournament; Big Ten Leads with 11 Teams, Followed by ACC (10), then SEC and Big East (9)

After the first round of the all-time great tournament in the Value Add Basketball Game, the Big Ten advanced the most teams with 11 all in the Midwest Region. Brackets and summaries of all first round games are available by clicking on the Region - Midwest, East, South and West.  Click here for the complete game with many little kinks worked out in the rules, player cards ranging from Wyoming's 1943 team to last year's champions from Virginia. Here is the breakdown of 2nd round teams by conference, with the top two seeds from each conference listed to the right.

All 2nd Round Games will be summarized in this blog.

All-time Final 64 TeamsTotalWest Reg.East Reg.South Reg.Midwest Reg.Top Seeds
Big Ten1100011Ind 1976 (1), MSU 1979 (2)
ACC100910NC St 1974 (2), UNC 1982 (2)
SEC90180KY 1996 (1), FL 2006 (3)
Big East92601Lville 2012 (3), Nova 2018 (4)
Big 7/8/1271042KS 2008 (1), KS 1957 (5)
Pac-8/10/1255000UCLA 1972 (1), AZ 1997 (9)
Independent53011Houston 1968 (4), Loyola 1963 (5)
Conference USA20011Lville 1980 (8), Memphis 2008 (9)
Big West11000UNLV 1991 (2)
Missouri Valley11000Cincy 1960 (4)
California Bask. Assoc.11000San Fran 1956 (7)
Metro10010Louisville 1980 (8)
Mountain West11000Gonzaga 2017 (13)
West Coast11000San Diego St. 2011 (19)

The favorites in the first round went 5-3 in the South Region, and 6-2 in the other three regions for a total of 9 upsets in 32 games. Keep in mind the top 8 seeds in each Region, starting with the overall No 1 seed 1972 UCLA, all had 1st round byes as the 9th through 24th seeds in each Region needed to win a game to get to the 2nd round.

The ACC landed nine teams in the 2nd Round of the East Region, as well as one from the South Region to finish just behind the Big Ten with 10 total teams. The Big East (6 in the East, 2 in the West and 1 in the Midwest) and SEC (8 in the South and one in the East) finished tied for third with nine teams. The Big 12 - which included the old SWC as well as the Big 7 and Big 8 in the past - was fifth with 7 teams.

The Pac-12 was the lowest of the major six conferences with five, however, this doesn't reflect the dominance of the conference over the years. We allowed each school to have a maximum of one team from each Century, meaning Bill Walton's 1972 team is the last century, whereas we could have included many great teams including their champioinship teams from 1964, 1965, 1967 (almost selected with Lew Alcindor), 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975 or 1995. Because the old rules allowed only one team from each conference to make the tournament, UCLA's dominance also meant no other teams from USC or anywhere else made tournament runs that gave them teams we included.

The 96 great all-time teams are broken down alphabetically into seven groups - and you can print this blog to get players' cards for all of the teams from UCLA's 1972 team to Wyoming's 1943 team.

If you prefer to pull up google doc PDFs with larger images of each card, clock on the link below and print:

Google Doc Version

Alabama 1977 to Duke 2010 - Google Doc Version  or just click here print.

Florida 2006 to Iowa 2001 - Google Doc Version or just click here and print.

Kansas 1957 to LSU 2006 Google Doc Version or just click here and print.

Marquette 1977 to Notre Dame 1970 Google Doc Version or just click here and print.

Ohio State 1960 to Purdue 2018 Google Doc Version or just click here and print.

San Diego State 2011 to Texas Southern (UTEP) 1966 Google Doc Version or just click here and print.

UCLA 1972 to Wyoming 1943 Google Doc Version or just click here and print.

(note the last link includes UNC 1982, while "North Carolina" 2005 is in Marquette to Notre Dame link above)

Here are the brackets after one round:

Midwest Region

East Region

South Region

West Region

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