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Alphabetical List of 96 Great Hoops Teams in VABG Game (UCLA 1972 Best Chance to Win at 17%)

Here is the alphabetical list of the 96 all-time great basketball teams included with instructions in the Value Add Basketball Game. In addition to the team, year and conference, we our bracket region in which we placed the team and the projection of the score and percent chance of winning their first game. From there you can click on the EastWest, Midwest and South to see that bracket and results as we play games.

Range of scoring margins so far:

Double Digit Wins (4, 25%): Syracuse>Princeton by 17, Duke>Navy by 16, Ohio St.>Wyoming by 13, Marquette > Utah by 10.

4 to 9 point win (3, 19%): Michigan St.>LaSalle by 9, Arizona > LSU by 8, UCLA > Indiana St. by 7.

Last possession - 1, 2 or 3 pt in regulation (5, 31%): Wake Forest>Pitt by 2, Oregon>Seattle by 2, Missouri>Cal by 2, Georgia>Oklahoma A&M by 2, Seton Hall>St. John's by 1.

Overtime (4, 25%): LSU>Alabama, Arizona>Iowa, Auburn>West Virginia, Notre Dame>St. Joe's.

Note that the best 32 teams receive a first found bye, and thus their "1st opponent" is the winner of another game. Click on the Value Add Basketball Game instructions to get the free game and play for yourself. Click here for box scores of games as we add them. At the bottom of this blog click to print out player cards for any of these teams you want to use in games of your own.
SchoolYearConfRegionSeedPredictedAllowedWin%1st opponent/ actual result
Alabama1977SECSouth18676850%LSU L. 77-79 OT
Arizona1997Pac-10West9837479%LSU (won 85-77)
Arizona2015Pac-12West10676267%Iowa (W90-88, 2 OT)
Arkansas1994SEC South6696756%Auburn v George Mason winner
Auburn2019SECSouth11655967%George Mason
Auburn1984SECSouth19757744%West Virginia (W84-76 OT)
California1959PCCWest21606436%Missouri L. 69-71
Cincinnati1960MVCWest4706567%Gonzaga v DePaul winner
Connecticut2004Big EastMidwest5656164%Georgetown v Kansas St. winner
Creighton2014Big EastMidwest20747640%Oklahoma
Davidson2008SCSouth21626733%Oklahoma St.
Duke1992ACCEast10746773%Navy (W 77-61)
Florida2006SECSouth3787270%West Virginia v Auburn winner
George Mason2006CAASouth22596533%Auburn
Georgetown1984Big EastEast11676267%Villanova
Georgetown2007Big EastMidwest12666360%Kansas St.
Georgia1982SECSouth23667230%Oklahoma St
Georgia Tech2004ACCEast14727056%Wake Forest
Houston1968IndSouth4686270%Texas Tech v South Carolina winner
Illinois2005Big TenMidwest10655970%Wichita St.
Indiana1976Big TenMidwest1675585%Indiana v Oklahoma winner
Indiana2002Big TenMidwest16636253%Oklahoma
Indiana St.1979MVCWest18656647%UCLA (Lost 69-76)
Iowa2001Big TenWest23626733%Arizona (L88-90 2ot)
Kansas1957Big 7South5666264%Oklahoma St. v Davidson winner
Kansas2008Big 12South1726379%Texas v Tennessee winner
Kansas St.2008Big 12Midwest21636640%Georgetown
Kentucky2012SECSouth7706953%Oklahoma St v Georgia winner
Kentucky1996SEC East1696273%Wake Forest v Pittsburgh winner
La Salle1954IndMidwest19646644%Michigan St. L67-76
Louisville1980MetroSouth8696950%Memphis v VCU winner
Louisville2013Big EastWest3686270%Michigan v San Diego St. winner
Loyola1963IndWest5737060%Missouri v California winner
LSU2006SECSouth15686750%Alabama W in OT
LSU1970SECWest24748321%Arizona (Lost 77-85)
Marquette2003CUSAEast13666360%West Virginia
Marquette1977IndWest11585367%Utah W.79-69
Maryland2002ACCEast6716860%Georgetown v Villanova winner
Michigan1989Big TenMidwest6686560%Ohio St. v Wyoming winner
Michigan2013Big TenWest14646256%San Diego St.
Michigan St.1979Big TenMidwest2676073%St. Joe's v Notre Dame winner
Michigan St.2009Big TenMidwest14666456%La Salle W by 9
Missouri1982Big 8West12646064%California W by 2
Navy1986CAAEast23677427%Duke (L 61-77)
North Carolina St.1974ACCEast2766973%St. John's v Seton Hall winner
Notre Dame1970IndMidwest18737447%St. Joe's W in OT
Ohio St.2007Big TenMidwest11726764%Wyoming (W 73-60)
Ohio State1960Big TenMidwest3757067%Michigan St. v La Salle winner
Oklahoma1985Big 8Midwest13767460%Creighton
Oklahoma2016Big 12Midwest17626347%Indiana
Oklahoma St1946MVCSouth10726670%Georgia L 80-82
Oklahoma St.2004Big 12South12676267%Davidson
Oregon2017Pac-12West17696950%Seattle W64-62
Pittsburgh2009Big EastEast17626247%Wake Forest (L 61-63)
Princeton1965IvyEast21646836%Syracuse L62-79
Purdue2018Big TenMidwest8656453%Cincinnati v Loyola-Chicago winner
Purdue1969Big TenMidwest4837964%Oklahoma v Creighton winner
San Diego St.2011MWCWest19626444%Michigan
San Francisco1956CBAWest7626153%Arizona v Iowa winner
Seattle1958IndWest16696950%Oregon L62-64
Seton Hall1989Big EastEast18666747%St. John's W by 1
South Carolina2017SECSouth20555840%Texas Tech
St. Joe's2004A10Midwest15747353%Notre Dame L in OT
St. John's1985Big EastEast15676653%Seton Hall L by 1
Syracuse2003Big EastWest8717150%Arizona v LSU winner
Syracuse1987Big EastEast12686464%Princeton W79-62
Texas2003Big 12South16727250%Tennessee
Texas Tech2019Big 12South13585560%South Carolina
UCLA1972Pac-8West1806691%Seattle v Oregon winner
UCLA2006Pac-12West15666553%Indiana St. (won 76=69)
Uconn1999Big EastEast8656356%Duke v Butler winner
UNC2005ACCEast7747160%Duke v Navy winner
UNC1982ACCSouth2675976%LSU v Alabama winner
UNLV1991Big WestWest2706373%UCLA v Indiana St. winner
Utah1998WAC West22535833%Marquette L by 10
UTEP (TX W)1966IndWest6585656%Marquette v Utah winner
Villanova2018Big EastEast4726767%Marquette v West Virginia winner
Villanova1985Big EastEast22626733%Georgetown
Virginia2019ACCEast3625767%Georgia Tech v Wake Forest winner
Virginia1981ACCEast5716764%Syracuse v Princeton winner
Wake Forest1996ACCEast16626253%Pittsburgh (won 63-61)
Wake Forest2005ACCEast19707244%Georgia Tech
West Virginia2011Big EastEast20636640%Marquette
West Virginia1959SouthernSouth14777556%Auburn (L76-84 OT)
Wichita St.2013MVCMidwest23596530%Illinois
Wisconsin2015Big TenMidwest7636253%Illinois v Wichita St. winner
Wyoming1943MSACMidwest22677236%Ohio St. (L 60-73)

Bill Walton's 1972 UCLA tops the No. 1 Seed to set up a East vs. West All-Time Semifinal, perhaps against 2008 Kansas or David Thompson's 1974 North Carolina State. The other semifinal will feature the Midwest vs. South Champions, which could feature the last undefeated team in Bobby Knight's 1976 champions from Indiana or Magic Johnson's Michigan State team against the 2008 champions from Kansas or Michael Jordan's UNC champions.

UCLA's 1972 Value Add Basketball Game (VABG) player cards are the strongest of any team, but mathematically the Bruins chances of winning the tournament we are playing in the game is only 17%. Assuming all other seeds win they would be the favorite in all six games they played - the closest being a match-up with Indiana's 1976 team if the top two seeds win their first five - but the chance of winning all six in a row tallies only 17%.

UCLA 1972Win%Cumulative
Seattle 195891%91%
Syracuse 200382%75%
Cincy 196076%57%
UNLV 199173%41%
Kentucky 199670%29%
Indiana 197660%17%

PDFs of new and improved player cards appear below:

Alabama 1977 to Duke 2010

Florida 2006 to Iowa 2002

Kansas 1957 to LSU 2006

Marquette 1977 to Notre Dame 1970

Ohio State 1960 to Purdue 2018

San Diego State 2011 to Texas Southern (UTEP) 1966

UCLA 1972 to Wyoming 1943

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