Sunday, December 2, 2018

Statis-Pro: 8 USA Teams and 6 International Teams Compete

The 2019 Statis-Pro baseball cards can be sorted by MLB team and used to play the free Statis-Pro baseball game, however in the off season we sorted by birth place and picked all-stars from each region. Learn to play Statis-Pro Baseball in 5 minutes by clicking here.

For the American-born players, we picked the best players from the three states that produce the most talent - Florida, California and Texas - and then grouped the other teams by which of the big five college conferences is the big one where they are born. For example, Justin Verlander played for Old Dominion University but because he was born in my home town of Richmond, VA I consider him in the ACC region so he is there ace.

I then divided the non-USA players by country, with the Dominican Republic and Venezuela being the biggest producers of talent in that order and Puerto Rico and Cuba needed just a few players to complete their rosters. I needed to group Japan and South Korea for an Asian level team and did get a couple of Asian-Americans born in Hawaii to complete their roster as they are pitching rich but hitting light, and finally I grouped a Northern team from north of the 50th parallel made up mainly of players born in Canada or the Netherlands and let them have a few players from the Netherlands one former island in the Caribbean as well.

To give an idea of how strong every region is, I graded all 14 teams based on the OPS of their starting line-up, and the ERA of their starting rotation - giving the best a "10" and the worst a "0" in each category so each team could have an overall rating of 0 to 20.

Florida edged out California as the top overall team with a 3.20 ERA and 0.809 OPS for 18.5 out of 20 points. However, California had the best batting with an 0.823 OPS to be taken as my 2nd seed. Florida will get the Pac12 in a 1 v 8 series in my tournament, as the Pac12 really was cheated since the California players, and then California will get the Big Ten in a 1 vs 7 "Rose Bowl" type series:

All-Star TeamStarters ERAPitching 0-10Line-ups OPSBatting 0-10DivisionOverall RatingSeed
Big Ten4.014.30.8058.1USA12.47
Pac 123.795.80.7290.2USA6.08

On the International side the Dominican Republic and Venezuela are the class of the world, not producing quite as high marks as the teams of Californians and Floridians, but about as much as the entire SEC states outside of Florida. On the international front, I'm actually playing off a mini season.

InternationalStarters ERAPitching 0-10Line-ups OPSBatting 0-10DivisionOverall RatingSeed
Dominican Republic3.696.50.8128.8International15.41
Puerto Rico4.560.40.7502.4International2.76

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