Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Statis-Pro Baseball, Value Add Basketball as of Exam Week

The light college basketball week with most students in exams let me rank the 4,003 college players to take the court so far (, as well as project the 2019 playing cards for all 1,088 MLB players and play them against each other in the version of the Statis-Pro baseball game I invented. Google Alert pushed out my story on the CBS 247 site below. 

I appreciate those who follow my updates on my blog at and the @valueaddsports Facebook.

In baseball, you can sort all players by pro team or by their nation and then play them in this free Statis-Pro game. Despite it being DECEMBER more than 1,100 people from the Dominican Republic clicked on this blog detailing how the Dominican Republic went 21-9 to dominate the 6-nation league I just played. That list of the 1,088 player cards also includes what ERA or OPS I project each player would have in 2019 if they were playing in a neutral park. While noone is close to Mike Trout (1.056 projected park neutral OPS) and Chris Sale (2.49 projected ERA) as the best batter and pitcher, the Dodgers seem close to getting the second best batter (Bryce Harper projected 0.923 OPS) and the Mets already landed the second best pitcher (Edwin Diaz projected 2.68 ERA) in my rankings.

In basketball, I not only ranked the 4,003 players who have taken the court, but also bounced that list against the thousands of projections I made for each player this summer, and this list includes the 114 players who projected to improve their teams by between two and eight points a game but have not played yet. If any Athletic Department contacts getting this email can help note if each player is just sitting out the first semester or is in fact not playing the year, please note it on the sheet or email back.  For those of you not familiar with Value Add Basketball Rankings, just click here for explanations at Sports IllustratedESPNNBC SportsFox Sports) or click to sort all 4000+ players.

I get asked why the only sports I write about and calculate are baseball and basketball. I had a soccer daughter and son (college scholarship and all-state honorable mention respectively), have a daughter and son on D1 track scholarships, believe hockey is the best sport to attend live, and go to Auburn football games a few miles away. The fact is I do not have time to go to many games, and pro baseball and college basketball are two sports with enough stats for me to develop systems to figure out who is best in an hour every couple of weeks just by running programs. Rating 4,000+ basketball players and 1,000+ baseball players takes as long as it would to run the same program on 10 of each - and I can't spend hours watching the other sports to develop the same level of understanding.

Anyone can use any of my basketball rankings or free baseball game instructions and cards, and in fact I appreciate references to Value Add Sports or even calls at 404.606.3163. While hundreds of people do read these sports updates, tens of thousands receive the updates on reforming politics at www.takeback.orgso there is a little overlap but not much and of course email back if you want to be added or taken off either list. I was actually giving a speech on political reform to 100+ at an Ohio Rotary last week and was pleasantly surprised when the person doing the introduction told the gathering they should really all be reading! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and other celebrations you observe as we get ready for a great 2019 for all.

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