Thursday, November 29, 2018

Statis-Pro Cards All-Star pitching rotations from all six international teams

Click here for the line-ups for each of the six international teams, and the pitchers are below. Learn to play Statis-Pro Baseball in 5 minutes by clicking here.

The following is a guide to the results in Statis-Pro play. The "All" at the top of each team is the card to be used if you run out of the other pitchers followed by the top pitchers from that team (explanation at end of all six teams).

The first four pitchers for each team are our suggested starting pitching rotation, so for the first team - the Dominican Republic, we list Danny Salazar as the top starter, Luis Severino as 2nd in the rotation, Luis Castillo as third, Carlos Martinez 4th and then it would go back to the top for the ace Danny Salazar to pitch again in Game 5.

We will focus on the results of the second pitcher listed, Luis Severino, who is a Yankees pitcher but in our international league is the No. 2 starter for the Dominican Republic.

Severino Throws Right (R). He is a PB2-8, meaning on the initial roll or PB on a card of 2-8, the next card or roll's Random Number will be applied to his card or column here, while a number of 9-12 will go to the batter's card he is facing.

The SR 11 means that once he has registered a combination of 11 innings pitched, walks, hits and earned runs, he is tired and must leave the game. If a pitcher comes into the game in relief, then his RR is used, and since Severino is an RR: 0 he cannot come in in relief. An 11-24 indicates a single (1Bf-1B9) (see the batters link for which outfielder fields the hit). A 25 (BK) indicates he MIGHT have balked - with a "yes" on the next Statis-Pro card or a roll of 1 or 2 on the 6-sided die indicating a balk is called and a "no" indicating it is not.

A 26-50 indicates a strikeout, though this range is actually 26-48 since no Random numbers exist with a 9 or 0 since it is a base-8 system of 11-88. a 51-55 indicates a walk. A 56 indicates a wild pitch and a 57 a passed ball if anyone is on base, but otherwise, this is an out. A 58-88 indicates an out.

The Error 8 indicates he makes an error on a 1-8 and does not on a 9 or 10. The CD-4 means he is a very strong fielding pitcher (this is the best rating, while a CD-1 is the worst). His projected park neutral ERA of 3.38 indicates that is the ERA we would project him to have if he pitched in an average park that neither favored the batter or fielder, with an average fielding team behind him.

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