Sunday, December 2, 2018

Statis-Pro Baseball: 6 International Teams to Print and Play

You can view and sort Statis-Pro baseball cards based on projected pitching, fielding and batting stats for everyone from upcoming 19 year old rookie Vlad Guerrero to just retired Ichiro. You can sort and update by current major league teams, or any other way you want to group players. As another option, we picked six international all-start teams with suggested line-ups and pitching rotations and inserted them below, so you can print on each of the six teams below for an off season international challenge. Learn to play Statis-Pro Baseball in 5 minutes by clicking here.

Here are the actual season updates.

InternationalStarters ERAPitchLine-ups OPSBat
Overall Rating   Seed
Dominican Republic3.696.50.8128.8
Puerto Rico4.560.40.7502.4        2.76

The following are the actual player cards, listed in row form. The first nine batters for each of these teams are in order our suggested line-up, so for Canada we suggest batting Ozzie Albies first, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. second etc. Several bench players are listed next. Then we list our suggestion for four players in a pitching rotation, then the relievers are listed from best to worst. We will post a breakdown of the US-born players separately.

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