Sunday, February 21, 2021

Value Add Rankings Updates - Top 25 Defenders Featured

Baylor shooting guard Jared Butler calculates as the top defensive player in the country, as first revealed in this CBS Sports/247 piece, three weeks before teams are selected for March Madness. You can sort all 4,183 college players by team or conference at

Butler steals the ball on 4.7 percent of opponents' possessions, the fourth best total of any major conference player. His ability to disrupt opposing teams is a key part of Baylor having the 6th best defense and 2nd best team in the country. The only team in the country that calculates as better is Gonzaga, which calculates is currently the best team of the Century. This is no guarantee they will win March Madness however, as the second best team of the century at is the 2015 Kentucky team, which was 38-0 until upset by Wisconsin in the Final Four.

Defensive ratings are not as precise as the Offensive Ratings at The precise measurement of a few defensive stats can be measured precisely since teams average about 1.0 points per trip down the court, so a defensive player with a steal gets credit for taking away an average of 1.0 points, a player with a blocked shot 0.83, and a defensive rebound 0.33 points. However, each player on the team gets credit every time the opponent fails to score and it is not the result of one of those three things, and shares the blame anytime the opposing team scores. This is also adjusted by the level of opposing offense each team plays.

The following is a breakdown of factors that went into the ranking of the top 25 defensive players at, with Butler erasing an estimated 3.65 points a game from opponents more than a typical replacement player, etc.
RnkPlayerbTeamHt PosDef RatDR%Blk%Stl%AdjD
1Jared Butler #12Baylor6'3" SG-3.6511.001.804.76th
2Neemias Queta #23Utah St.7'0 C-3.4626.3013.202.418th
3Evan Mobley #4USC7'0 PF-3.3018.509.701.715th
4Jalen Suggs #1Gonzaga6'4" PG-3.1418.901.303.94th
5Myles Johnson #15Rutgers6'11" C-3.1224.7010.902.914th
6Jordan Goodwin #0Saint Louis6'3" SF-3.0427.700.303.547th
7Chris Duarte #5Oregon6'6" SG-2.9515.003.603.638th
8Franz Wagner #21Michigan6'9" PF-2.9320.603.502.511th
9Nah'Shon Hyland #5VCU6'3" SG-2.8614.800.703.410th
10Luis Rodriguez #15Mississippi6'6" SF-2.7921.503.00423rd
11Josiah-Jordan James #5Tennessee6'6" SF-2.7517.304.503.15th
12Jose Alvarado #10Georgia Tech6'0 SG-2.6610.300.204.564th
13Joel Ayayi #11Gonzaga6'5" SF-2.6519.500.602.24th
14Jay Huff #30Virginia7'1" C-2.6425.1011.101.122nd
15Grayson Murphy #2Belmont6'2" SG-2.6422.401.104.1132nd
16Herbert Jones #1Alabama6'8" PF-2.5814.404.003.42nd
17Lucas Williamson #1Loyola Chicago6'4" SF-2.5715.500.403.11st
18Isaiah Whaley #5Connecticut6'9" C-2.5317.1012.001.940th
19KC Ndefo #11Saint Peter's6'7" PF-2.5217.1016.002.643rd
20Davion Mitchell #45Baylor6'2" PG-2.508.001.103.86th
21DeJon Jarreau #3Houston6'5" PG-2.5015.901.702.97th
22Isaiah Miller #1UNC Greensboro6'0 PG-2.4919.501.104.565th
23Isaiah Jackson #23Kentucky6'10" PF-2.4323.7013.201.821st
24Cameron Krutwig #25Loyola Chicago6'9" C-2.4319.003.602.41st
25Marcus Garrett #0Kansas6'5" PG-2.4013.501.102.812th
 Best in Country  -3.6538.8016.005.41st

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