Friday, February 26, 2021

Statis-Pro Baseball Standings and Results

This google sheet includes the Statis-Pro baseball games to date, and the records appear below, followed by pictures of the scoresheets and the top player cards from each game.


Our Statis-Pro season utilizes these projected batter cards and these pitcher cards. Both the MLB/AL Commissioner based in Montana and NL Commissioner based in Alabama printed out these cards, which you can use for your own Statis-Pro games, and we keep up with roster updates to move cards between teams. If a player without a card makes a team's depth chart, the Commissioners find a card for a player with similar stats or use the replacement cards based on a batter's OPS or pitcher's ERA show further down in this blog.


The AL field is set for the 2021 Statis-Pro American League season. As always, the Commissioner starts by relegating five teams and aligning the divisions. The NL uses a slightly different procedure of allowing all 15 NL teams to start the season, but then relegating the five worse teams early in the season and at that point divide the remaining 10 into an East and West. 

Playoff Structure:

Each division winner receives a first round bye, the remaining four wildcard teams meet in the opening round best-of-5 series.

Best record gets worst remaining seed after wildcard round.

The Divisional Round, League Championship Series and World Series will be best-of-7.

The following are the accounts of 2nd round games with most recent game on top. Accounts of the games are here.

st louis 8, Cincy 1 (sweep), then Cindy 14-6 (sweep)

Reds Castellanos 5-8 3 doubles and hr, and Sims 3-inning shutout relief win (only starter not in rotation can pitch 3 in relief). Cards Mikolas 6 shutout innings, arenado 3-9, hr, clutch defense dp.

Philadelphia 2, Arizona 1, then Phil 9-6

Quinn, with the coveted and rare AA steal instead popped a gramdslam homer, and Miller hit his 3rd pinch hit homer in 4 games. The Phil's added strong starts from Wheeler and Eglin.

Milwaukee 5, Cubs 4 (10 inn), then Milwaukee 12-5 sweep

The Brewers first 6 hitters all homered in one of the two games, and the bullpen went 11 innings, allowing on 1 earned run to move into first place at 10-2.

Colorado 7, LA Dodgers 6, then Colorado 6-5

Story and Tapia, the 1 and 2 hitters for the rockies, combined for an 8 of 16 series with 3 Homer's and 5 extra base hits to stun the Dodgers with two 1-run run wins. The Dodgers 1 and 3 hitters, Betts and Smith, almost matched then with 8 of 15 with 3 Homer's and 5 extra base hits.

NY Mets 5, Washington 4, then NY 9-2 sweep 

After the Nats top 2 starters dominated the Braves, their other starters were hammered by the Mets top two in their lineup. Lindor went 4 of 9 with two homers and Comforto went 4 of 8 with a homer and had another deep drive that shockingly did not make it out (DEEP drives in NY are always caught, but the game was played in Washington where an 11-83 on a deep drive goes over the fence and only an 84-88 is kept in the park for a flyout.

Giants 5, Padres 4, then Padres 7-4 (sweep led by 5+ after 8 innings)

It took a great start from the last man in the Padres strong rotation (Musgrove 6 ip, 1 r) and grandslam by no. 8 hitter Cronenworth to sweep game 2 and win the series.

The two leadoff hitters were the series leaders - Tatis 3 of 8 with 2 Homer's and double for Padres and the Giants Dickerson went 5-9 with a homer and double.

Marlins 12, Braves 5 (sweep), then Braves 2-1

The disastrous start for the Braves continued as Freeman and d'Arnaud were injured early and the middle relief gave up 10 runs in three innings in a 12-5 loss to the Marlins. Cooper hit three HRs in the series and Rogers gave the Marlins 3 scoreless innings in middle relief (we only allow most relievers on inning per two game series, but they can pitch 2 innings if they averaged at least 2 per appearance, and starting pitchers that do not make the 4-man rotation like Rogers can pitch four.

Despite their 2 stars on the bench for the second game, Ozuna hit his 2nd homer of the series and Acuna doubled in the winning run in a 4 for 8 series with 3 doubles and a homer.

DBacks 4, Pirates 3 (10), then DBacks 14-0 (sweep)

Sign of Statis-pro gods in the cards, Brault tagged for two triples and two Homer's in first five batters he faced in the nightcap, then was thrown out of the game for arguing balls and strikes (z play 12).

Phillies 10, Pirates 1 (sweep), then Pirates 6-5

Nola not only threw 7 strong innings in a 10-1 win but singled and homered in one of the most productive series for the No.9 spot in the NL. Miller hit pinch hit Homer's in both games, then Knapp hit a pinch hit homer and Moniak a pinch hit double to leave the No. 9 spot 6 of 9 with 19 total bases to slug over 2.000. The next best spot was Segura who went 5 of 9 in the no. 7 spot to give the bottom three spots 13 of 22 Phillies hits.

While the Phillies get credit for a 3-0 sweep in the first game for the 5+ run win, the Pirates rallied in the 8th of game 2. After a 3-run homer gave the Phillies a 5-4 lead in the 7th, Stratton came in to stop the damage with 1.2 innings. Stallings double in the either to tie the game and advanced to third on an error on McCutchen in left, and scored on a grounder in the hole for the 6-5 win.

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