Friday, November 6, 2020

Complete Set of 2021 Projected Statis-Pro Player Cards

We copied all MLB pitchers cards on this google drive, where we also made the final updates to this final set of 2021 Projected batters cards. These incorporate all the new CD5 players based on the new Gold Glove Nominees, as well as updating the projection for Tampa Bay Rays Randy Arozarena.

You can open and print these cards and cut the sheets to have your own cards for all 30 Major League Teams. However, if you want a nice set, you can open both PDFs, email them to a local printer, and have them print on card stock and cut for you. I send mine to my local Kinkos and as long as you remember to specify black and white (no color) the total cost along with cutting into cards is about $55.

If you want to keep up with current rosters during your season and you need a player card for someone who does not appear on the link above, you can use a replacement card bases on a batter's OPS or a pitcher's ERA.

Writing out your own cards is a pain. It is much easier to order them from someone who prints them.(e.g. available by clicking here - we do not sell anything). You can see a few of those cards at the top of this blog.

However, for times in which you do not have a card for a player or when you only have a pitcher's pitching card and need his batting card you have two options. 

Option 1: Blank Cards at Bottom of Blog. You can click and print out a sheet of blank pitcher or batter cards at the bottom of this blog and then look up any player on this spreadsheet and fill in the numbers.

Option 2: Sample Cards above. The other option is to take the ready made card above that most closely matches the missing card and choose the batter's card with the closest projected OPS or an pitcher's projected ERA or FIPs. It is also good to always use the card above for a pitcher when he comes to bat. Here are the steps to choose that card and update a couple of items:

OPS (Slugging Average + On-base Percentage): Pick the correct card above based on the Projected OPS for a batter or the Career OPS for a pitcher at bat to find the right card above.

Steals (SP on card): You can use the projected steals and triples to update the default SP and OBR on the card.

If 40+ Steals, SP on card is AA.
If 30+ Steals: SP on card is A.
If 20+ Steals: SP on card is B.
If 10+ Steals: SP on card is C.
If 1+ Steal: SP on card is D.
If 0 Steals: SP on card is E.

If 100 or fewer PA (Plate Appearances) then multiply steals by 4; if 200 or fewer PA then multiply steals by 2; if 300 or fewer PA multiply steals by 1.5 before using the scale above.

On-base Running (OBR on card):

Use the same process as for SP above, but first take the steals and add 2 for every triple the player projects to have or had (e.g. 7 steals and 2 triples would = 11 total and thus the OBR would be C even though the SP was D). If the new total is 40 or higher it is still an A since there is no OBR AA.

Bats Left, RIght or Switch/Both (Cht):

If you know the player bats right-handed, then change the BN above to RN or the BP above to RP. If you know he bats left-handed then to LN or LP. If the batter is a switch hitter then leave as BN or BP which means the same thing as SN or SP in some versions of the game. If you do not know, then leave the player as BN or BP. 


The CD (Clutch Defense), E (Error) and T (Throwing Arm) is more complicated but we run these calculations every year and you click here to update the positions and Clutch Defense and in fact we suggest you use those calculations for all players even with existing cards. At very least, if a player was nominated for a Gold Glove update them to a CD: 5.

If you do not have a Statis-Pro card for a player in a game, or if a pitcher comes up to bat and you only have a pitching card, you can keep the sheet above handy and use it for a quick card. 

Pitcher's Card

For a new pitcher's card, note if they are right handed or left handed, then use either their projected ERA or FIPs on the scale on the bottom of this card to determine the PB rating of 2-9 down to 2-4.

Blank Cards: If you do use this spreadsheet instead of the sample cards above, you can write in the numbers on the batter's card (the first sheet) or pitcher's card (second sheet).

Blank Batter's Cards:

Blank Pitcher's Cards


  1. Where can I download the World Baseball Classic cards? I would totally start playing this game if the WBC cards can be downloaded and printed. Thanks in advance.