Wednesday, November 25, 2020

2021 Projected Player Cards Released for use with Value Add Basketball Game

With the kickoff of the college basketball season, we calculated the projected player cards for 68 teams to enable you to play these season off as though there were no risk of interruption. The graphics team is laying out the cards, but if you want you can get started by printing out the teams you want to to play from the google sheet. The following is Duke as an example, and click here for the free game.

We chose the 10 players who would yield the best cards from those currently on this roster, however we noticed some of the JUCO transfers and transfers who had sat out a season (e.g. Sam Hauser with UVa) were not listed, so we added players from the Top 100 JUCO rankings as well as Jeff Goodman's rankings from 2019 tracking the key transfers who sat out the 2020 season but planned to play this season. We did not go beyond those three steps to verify if players were sitting out this year due to Covid, were injured, etc., but we hope this gives a realistic play for what would have happened this season without the interruptions Covid-19 may cause.

As for the teams we chose, we picked teams who had cards from last season because they would have made the NIT or NCAA. From there we picked teams we expect to make the NCAA tournament this year based on, and retained at least one team from each Conference. The six major conferences all had at east four teams, so we plan to have conference play between them. That left 30 teams from other divisions, and we divided them into three collective conferences (East, West and South-Central). Because those three collective conferences, as well as the Big Ten, feature 10 teams we broke them each into two groups. 

You need to print this scoresheet to play the game.

The following is our breakdown of these divisions for our upcoming games, and I plan to track results on this google sheet.



Duke 2021

Florida St. 2021

Louisville 2021

Syracuse 2021

Virginia 2021


Big 12

Baylor 2021

Kansas 2021

Oklahoma 2021

Oklahoma St. 2021

Texas 2021

Texas Tech 2021

West Virginia 2021


Big East

Connecticut 2021

Creighton 2021

Marquette 2021

Providence 2021

Seton Hall 2021

Villanova 2021


Big Ten-Group A

Illinois 2021

Michigan 2021

Minnesota 2021

Purdue 2021

Rutgers 2021


Big Ten-Group B

Indiana 2021

Iowa 2021

Michigan St. 2021

Ohio St. 2021

Wisconsin 2021



Arizona St. 2021

Oregon 2021

Stanford 2021

UCLA 2021



Alabama 2021

Auburn 2021

Florida 2021

Kentucky 2021

LSU 2021

Tennessee 2021



East-Group A

Merrimack 2021

North Carolina Central 2021

Richmond 2021

Siena 2021

Vermont 2021


East-Group B

Colgate 2021

Hofstra 2021

Saint Louis 2021

VCU 2021

Yale 2021


South/Central-Group A

Memphis 2021

Murray St. 2021

Prairie View A&M 2021

South Alabama 2021

Wright St. 2021


South/Central-Group B

Akron 2021

Furman 2021

Houston 2021

Liberty 2021

Winthrop 2021


West-Group A

Gonzaga 2021

Northern Iowa 2021

South Dakota St. 2021

Stephen F. Austin 2021

UC Irvine 2021


West-Group B

BYU 2021

Eastern Washington 2021

New Mexico St. 2021

North Texas 2021

San Diego St. 2021

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