Sunday, November 22, 2020

Scary good Big West (Cal-Fullerton) Blitz Big Ten

The two conference alumni teams we did not include in our league were the Big Ten and the Big West. In retrospect we should have included them to form a 6-Team alumni division along with the ACC, SEC, Big-12 and Pac-12 to out Venezuela in the other division with the other 5 international teams.

The Big Ten was a little thin with a player at all 8 possessions but only one true MLB bench player. We fill rosters with a standard batter card for a minor leaguer or retiree (Ichiro was on Japan's bench) with an 18-21 homer range (see bottom of third photo below) who needed to do any pinch-hitting. The Big Ten also occasionally needed to go to a standard minor league reliever (see PB:2-4 card at bottom of three photos.

However when we pulled the Big West cards we realized this team could have completed with the SEC, Pac-12 and ACC for the divisional title. Five Cal-Fullerton batters led the dominant 8-man line-up below, and when Shane Bieber starts for them they can beat any team. 

Below are those 8 players followed by 4 score sheets. We had the two teams play each other with each of their four starting pitchers throwing once. Summaries of the four games are below the photos.

The Big West certainly looked like a team we should have included. They outscored the Big Ten 20-6 in the four games and based on our record keeping for our season (3-0 series sweep for 5+ run win, 2 games to 1 for other games) the Big West would have a 10-2 record from these games.

Big West 1, Big Ten 0. Shane Bieber threw 8 innings of shutout, 9 strike out baseball to make Haniger's first inning homer 1-0.

Big West 8, Big Ten 2 (sweep). Justin Turner double and scored in the first and second inning and Khris Davis homered to chase Happ with a 6-0 score in the second en route to the sweep.

Big West 4, Big Ten 2. Frazier and Brandon Lowe doubled in runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings to give the Big Ten their only lead of the series, 2-0. However, 6 straight Big West relievers threw shut out innings and the Big Ten's Kolarek could not hold a tie in the 9th, walking JD Davis and then allowing singles to Hiura, Chapman and Suzuki in the loss.

Big West 7, Big Ten 2. Haniger's 2-run homer and Chapman's 3-run homer have the Big West a 5-0 lead in the first and they held the 5+ run lead after 8 innings for the sweep to finish 10-2 for the series. 
The Big Ten's star was Brandon Lowe, who homered twice in the game to make it six straight times he had reached base in the losing efforts.

Below is the original blog setting up this matchup.

 The one regret we have in our just concluded season between conference alumni all-star teams and international teams, is realizing we did have enough Big 10 and Big West players to add them. This would have created two divisions of 6 teams each - one for the all-conference teams and one for the international teams. Looking through the Statis-Pro cards, here are the teams we see. The Big Ten would have been tight with only one bench player, but we have a standard replacement card we can use to fill rosters with minor league players from the conference. Perhaps we will put these two teams on the field for a few games for fun. 

Big 10 Line-upPosMLBOPSSchool
LaMonte Wade Jr1bMin0.688Maryland
Brandon Lowe2bTBR0.828Maryland
Todd Frazier3BNYM0.723Rutgers
Kevin PlaweckiCBos0.719Purdue
Alex GordonCFKCR0.624Nebraska
Alex DickersonLFSFG0.864Indiana
Kyle SchwarberRFCHC0.807Indiana
Jake CronenworthSSSDP0.745Michigan
Big 10 RotationL/RMLBERASchool
Rich HillLSPMin4.14Michigan
Tony WatsonLRPSFG4.27Nebraska
Travis LakinsRSPBal4.68Ohio St.
Anthony MisiewiczLSPSea4.97Michigan St.
Big 10 BullpenL/RMLBERASchool
Adam KolarekLRPLAD3.58Maryland
Aaron BummerLRPCWS3.88Nebraska
Nick WittgrenRRPCle4.01Purdue
James BourqueRRPWsn4.31Michigan
J.A. HappLSPNYY4.66Northwestern
Big 10 BenchPosMLBOPSSchool
Josh PhegleyCCHC0.654Indiana

And here is our Big West Roster.
Big West Line-upPosMLBOPSSchool
J.D. Davis1bNYM0.818Cal Fullerton
Keston Hiura2bMil0.813Cal Irvine
Justin Turner3bLAD0.864Cal Fullerton
Kurt SuzukiCWsn0.71Cal Fullerton
Jeff McNeilCFNYM0.885Long Beach
Khris DavisLFOak0.779Cal Fullerton
Mitch HanigerRFSea0.867Cal Poly
Matt ChapmanssOak0.872Cal Fullerton
Big West RotationL/RMLBERASchool
Shane BieberRSPCle2.92Cal Santa Barbara
Noe RamirezRSPLAA4.42Cal Fullerton
Nick RamirezLSPDet4.44Cal Fullerton
Andrew VasquezLRPMin4.35Cal Santa Barbara
Big West BullpenL/RMLBERASchool
Joe KellyRRPLAD3.6Cal Riverside
Dylan FloroRRPLAD3.95Cal Fullerton
Chris DevenskiRRPHou4Cal Fullerton
Austin DavisLRPCol4.19Cal Bakersfield
Nick VincentRRPMia4.34Long Beach
Kyle NelsonLRPCle4.39Cal Santa Barbara
Joey GerberRRPSea4.39Illinois
Matt AndrieseRSPLAA4.44Cal Riverside
Tanner RoarkLSPTor4.5Illinois
Dillon TateRSPBal4.59Cal Santa Barbara
Joe BiaginiRRPHou4.75Cal Davis
Thomas EshelmanRSPBal5.29Cal Fullerton
Big West BenchPosMLBOPSSchool
Kolten Wong2bStl0.753Hawaii
Evan Longoria3bSFG0.748Long Beach
Josh Rojas2bAri0.727Hawaii
Michael LorenzenCFCin0.7Cal Fullerton
Kyle GarlickCFPhi0.682Cal Poly
Greg Garcia2bSDP0.671Hawaii
Garrett Hampson2bCol0.669Long Beach
Mark MathiasRFMil0.661Cal Poly
Dustin GarneauCHou0.596Cal Fullerton

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