Monday, March 9, 2020

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Six days from Selection Sunday kicking off March Madness is fixed (HURRAY!!!!) and live for the first time this season! You click on the image below and sort by team to find where each player on each team from each bracket line ranks. Thanks to John Dodds for posting this story on the top Value Add players, which is leading to thousands clicking through the Value Add Sports Facebook page.

Now that the tool is back to let you find any of the 4,000+ current players, we are in New York playing off the 95th Value Add Basketball Game between all-time great teams has come down to Michael Jordan's 1982 UNC team against Bill Walton's 1972 UCLA team. Since I introduced this free game, 26,612 people have clicked on the instructions and free game cards that include teams from George Mikan of DePaul's great 1940s team to the last two national champions - Villanova and Virginia.  The line-ups for the final title game and the 5 all-time great teams Jordan and Walton had to defeat to make the title game appear below the top 20 players of today, and the results of tonight's simulated all-time championship game will be filled in play by play on this google doc beginning at 8:25 p.m. ET and then added to this blog below the two semifinal results. Happy March Madness to all, and check back in six days for our final regular season Value Add rankings and the tips on filling in your bracket.

The 20 players above are the most valuable 20 players so far this college basketball season.
The greatest teams of all time came down to a showdown between Michael Jordan's 1982 UNC and Bill Walton's 1972 UCLA team. Here are the starting line-ups (starters actually finish the game in the Value Add Basketball Game after reserves play the first several possessions).

The starting Shooting Guards, Power Forwards and Centers for both teams were All-Americans, and all of those players were picked in the NBA draft. In addition, UCLA point guard Greg Lee was not All-American but was picked in the NBA draft.

  • PG - Jimmy Black (UNC) vs. Greg Lee (UCLA, 115th pick NBA)
  • SG - Michael Jordan (UNC, 2-time All-American, 3rd pick NBA) vs. Henry Bibby (UCLA, All-American, 58th pick NBA)
  • SF - Matt Doherty (UNC) vs. Tommy Curtis (UCLA)
  • PF - James Worthy (UNC, All-American, 1st pick NBA) vs. Jamaal Wilkes (UCLA, 2-time All-American, 11th pick NBA)
  • C - Sam Perkins (UNC, 3-time All-American, 4th pick NBA) vs. Bill Walton (UCLA, 3-time All-American, 1st pick NBA, and back-up Swen Nater 16th pick)

However, as the brackets of the 96-team tournament show here, UCLA never beat any team by more than 11 points until exploding in the semifinal. They beat 2017 Oregon 67-59, 1997 Arizona 79-68, 1960 Cincinnati 73-64, 1966 Texas Western 75-66 and in the Final Four 2018 Villanova 72-57. Meanwhile UNC had an even tougher road, winning on last second shots against both 2006 LSU and 1968 Houston, and only rallying from way down against Houston after Elvin Hayes fouled out. UNC beat 2006 LSU 72-70, 2012 Kentucky 75-66, 2019 Auburn 69-62, 1968 Houston 65-63 and finally 2009 Michigan State 74-63. No 3-pointers will be counted during the championship game since neither team played with the line.

The play by play will be added on the "Championship Running Score" to the google doc here starting at 8:25 p.m. Eastern, while the post game story will be added to the bottom of the Final Four page, then we will be done with all-timers and focused on this year's tournament.

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