Saturday, November 9, 2019

Rebound Chart - Value Add Basketball Game

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If a shot is missed on an even numbered possession (44,42, 40 … 2 and thei final “1” possession then roll the 20-sided die and one 6-sided die to determine who gets the rebound.
Offense use players 1-6 range BEFORE / Defense use players 1-6 def range AFTER /
1 Off Center (in 5 slot) 11 Def Center (in 5 slot)
2 Off Center (in 5 slot) 12 Def Center (in 5 slot)
3 Off Center (in 5 slot) 13 Def Center (in 5 slot)
4 Off PF (in 4 slot) 14 Def PF (in 4 slot)
5 Off PF (in 4 slot) 15 Def PF (in 5 slot)
6 Off SF (in 3 slot) 16 Def SF (in 3 slot)
7 Off SF (in 3 slot) 17 Def SF (in 3 slot)
8 Off SG in 2 slot) 18 Def SG in 2 slot)
9 Off PG (in 1 slot) 19 Def PG (in 1 slot)
10 or 20 highest on court - see below

If an offensive player gets the rebound, immediately roll the 20-sided die again and go to the rebounder’s
right (green) column to see the result of his shot or if he is fouled. If he misses a shot after getting the
rebound, then roll the 20-sided and one 6-side die again to see who gets the next rebound.

The 20-sided die determines which player has a chance to get the rebound. If the 6-sided die is within
his range then he gets the rebound, if not then the opposing player at the same position gets it.

On odd numbered possessions (43, 41 … 3) except for the final possession, automatically record
a defensive rebound without rolling the 20-sided and 6-sided die.

On a missed second foul shot, only the offensive C (5th slot) or PF (4th slot) can get a rebound, but if
one of them is attempting the free throw then the offensive SF (3rd slot) can attempt to get an offensive
rebound. If the 20-sided die after a missed free throw indicates an offensive player who cannot get
the rebound, simply record a defensive team rebound.
If 10 or 20 is rolled, review the Off Reb ranges (before dash) Of all 5 players on team who shot, and
all Def Reb ranges of other Team and highest on court gets Rebound (if tie, give to offense).
If a roll of 6 on the 6-sided die is outside his range, defense gets ball UNLESS: Any teammate with
an off reb of 1-8/ or Higher gets the rebound. If a roll of 5 on the 6-sided die is outside his range,
defense gets ball UNLESS: Any teammate with an off reb of 1-10/ or Higher gets the rebound.
Off Reb of 1-8 or higher.

Note that at start of game if one team’s  dunk/layup range is 51-58 or higher, then
The def reb of every opposing defender Is lowered by 1. (but do not lower anyone
Lower than 1-2).

If the team’s dunk/layup range for the game Is 51-60 or higher, then the def reb of

Every opposing player is lowered by 2 (but Do not lower beyond 1-1.)

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