Monday, November 18, 2019

All-Time Great Basketball Standings

Update: We are basically playing conference games until each team has two losses. In Big 12 play Kansas has dominated, but Texas defeated St. Joe's 70-53 behind a 40-29 lead in rebounding to improve to 2-1. 

In the ACC, UVa defeated 2010 Duke 88-80 to be the only one loss team in the ACC (3-1) to trail only Carmelo Anthony's 2003 Syracuse - which rallied to beat 2005 UNC. Here are the standing for all 6 conferences. The google sheet with all results to date is here, and these instructions on how to play the Value Add Basketball Game continues to be my most popular.

ACC (past & present)WLPtsPtsAll
Syracuse 2003408173
Virginia 2019318572
Duke 2010228072
North Carolina 2005227465
Pittsburgh 2009126062
Georgia Tech 2004125666
Maryland 2002126575
Wake Forest 2005035886
Total Played14141st place vs. SEC 1st for SOUTH
Big 12 (A10)WLPtsPtsAll
Kansas 2008407552
Texas Tech 2019316761
St. Joe's 2004226774
Oklahoma 2016125864
Texas 2003216168
Oklahoma St. 2004026774
West Virginia 2010026776
K-State 2008026373
Total Played13131st place vs. Pac 12 1st for WEST
Big East (past & present)WLPtsPtsAll
Connecticut 2004317360
Villanova 2018217469
Marquette 2003226972
Louisville 2013217165
Georgetown 2007117671
Cincinnati 2002117175
Creighton 2014027285
Butler 2010025480
Total Played1111
1st place vs. play-in for EAST
Big TenWLPtsPtsAll
Purdue 2018307568
Illinois 2005217474
Wisconsin 2015116863
Michigan 2013117270
Michigan St. 2009117474
Iowa 2002116368
Indiana 2002027276
Ohio St. 2007027080
Total Played991st place vs. play-in for MIDWEST
Pac 12 (WCC, MVC, CUSA)WLPtsPtsAll
Gonzaga 2017217257
Oregon 2017217570
Arizona 2015116964
San Diego St. 2011117372
Wichita St. 2013116969
Memphis 2008116068
UCLA 2006115971
Loyola-Chicago 2018025873
Total Played991st place v. Big 12 Champ for WEST
SEC (Colonial)WLPtsPtsAll
Auburn 2019506961
Kentucky 2012317365
South Carolina 2017116965
Florida 2006226666
Davidson 2008126565
George Mason 2006026369
VCU 2011025569
LSU 2006025776
Total Played12121st place v. ACC Champ for South

Each team scheduled for a 7-game schedule against the rest of the conference, then the top two teams in each conference going to a tournament as well as the third and fourth place ACC teams. 

However, the six first place teams all go straight to the Elite 8, while the others who make the tournament will need to win two games to make the Elite 8. All details are in this google sheet.

Yes, I want to calculate cards for Larry vs Magic and all the other 20th Century greats, but I need to figure out new formulas since these cards are based on modern tempo free stats.

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