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Statis-Pro MVP, Rookie of Year, Cy Young Votes

The day that Aaron Judge led the Yankees to an extra-inning playoff win over the Boston Red Sox with two home runs and a throw to the plate to nail Mookie Betts, we tallied the regular season stats and he finished third in the MVP race behind teammate Sanchez and Angels rookie sensation Ohtani. As previously announced, Cody Bellinger won the Statis-Pro NL MVP with a .311 average and seven home runs, 21 RBIs and 15 extra base hits in the Dodgers 25-game Statis Pro season.

The link to the game log of the 170 regular season games played shows the three top players in each game who divide up three "MVP Points" for that game, and the tally of those points made Sanchez the MVP with 25, Ohtani runner-up with 21, and Judge third with 20 (see game logs for the award winners at bottom of this blog).

RnkMVP Final - ALVotesOther Awards
1Sanchez NY25MVP
2Ohtani LA21Rookie of the Year
3Judge NY20MVP Runner-Up
4Cano Sea19
5Castillo Chi19
6Fowler Oak19Runner-Up Rookie
7Kluber Cle19Cy Young
8Kimbrel Bos18Fireman of the Year
9Merrifield KC18
10Miller Cle18Runner-up Fireman of the Year
11Gardner NY15
12Pedroia Bos15
13Sale Bos15Runner-up Cy Young
14Springer Hou15
15Trout LA15
16A Garcia Chi14
17Leake Sea14
18Cron TB13
19Richards LAA13
20Verlander Hou13
21Altuve Hou12
22Candelario Det12
23Giolito Chi12
24Keuchel Hou12
25Lindor Cle12

SCORING. Below is a breakdown of every game in which an award winner received 1 to 5 points for being one of the top three players in the game. The total points awarded are always 9, but they can be broken down in any combination, so if one player is clearly the best he could receive 5 points with the other two getting 2 points a piece, or the three players could get 5-3-1. If all three players were pretty even, it could be a 3-3-3, or if closer together a 4-3-2.

"WHAT IF" ... NO INJURIES OR SUSPENSIONS. Part of the fun of the Statis-Pro game is the "what if" factor, since we keep up with the current rosters BUT, do not drop players when they are injured or suspended. The dual-threat Ohtani actually missed part of the season complete with an injury, and then returned only to hit in some games but not to pitch. However, in Statis-Pro he twice received the maximum 5 MVP votes for complete games in which he also had a hit, and in five other games, he received points for games with extra-base hits. Two other teams that benefitted in Statis-Pro from players who actually missed many games. Two players who benefitted in Statis-Pro from suspended players, as Cano led the Mariners and Welington Castillo gave the White Sox a dominant clean-up hitter that made them the surprise second wild card team while the real team finished near the bottom without him.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. While Ohtani was the rookie of the year, the A's Fowler was the runner up with a great glove and speed as a leadoff hitter.

CY YOUNG. Kluber was clearly the best Statis-Pro pitcher card, and his 0.75 ERA during Statis-Pro made him the clear Cy Young. However, Chris Sale of Boston was second and pitched the Red Sox through the wild card game against the White Sox, and is scheduled for Game 4 against the Yankees in the ALDS. The NL starters were able to make seven starts, and the Brewers Chase Anderson won the award with a 6-0 record and 1.89 ERA to nudge the Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw (6-1, 1.87).

FIREMAN. The Red Sox Kimbrel was the top reliever but lost an epic battle in Game 2 of the playoffs when Judge took him deep in the 10th to give the Yankees a two games to none lead. Andrew Miller meanwhile backed up his runner-up Fireman status by striking out the side for the Astros in the top of the 10th inning to help the Indians take a two games to none lead in the other ALDS.

Overall MVP Rank - Game ResultsTop StarMVPAward - Details of top games
1Sanchez NY25MVP
New York d. NY Mets 7 to 3Sanchez NY43 of 5, HR
New York d. NY Mets 3 to 3Sanchez NY43 of 4, 2b
New York d. Tampa Bay 2 to 1Sanchez NY4HR, threw out base stealer
New York d. Toronto 10 to 1Sanchez NY42 HRs,4 RBIs
New York d. Baltimore 5 to 3Sanchez NY42-run hr
New York d. Kansas City 8 to 3Sanchez NY32-run HR, 3 of 5
New York d. Los Angeles 3 to 1Sanchez NY22-run HR
2Ohtani LA21Rookie of Year, Runner-up MVP
Los Angeles d. Colorado 6 to 2Ohtani LA59 ip, 2 runs, single, run
Los Angeles d. Texas 2 to 1Ohtani LA59 ip, 1 run, 14k, 1 hit
Boston d. Los Angeles 6 to 3Ohtani LA43 of 3 HR
Cincinnati d. Los Angeles 4 to 3Ohtani LA2pinch hit 2b, rbi, r
Los Angeles d. Boston 7 to 3Ohtani LA23 of 5, 2b
Los Angeles d. Detroit 3 to 0Ohtani LA2game winning 2b
Cincinnati d. Los Angeles 3 to 0Ohtani LA1pinch hit 2b
3Judge NY203rd Place MVP
New York d. Toronto 13 to 4Judge NY52 HR, 5 RBI, 1b
New York d. Kansas City 6 to 3Judge NY4HR, 2b, 2r, 2rbi
New York d. Los Angeles 8 to 5Judge NY42 of 4, W, HR, 2R 2RBI
New York d. Tampa Bay 6 to 1Judge NY33 of 4
Houston d. New York 9 to 2Judge NY22-run hr
New York d. NY Mets 7 to 3Judge NY21 of 3, 2b, 2 walks
6Fowler Oak19Runner Up Rookie of the Year
Oakland d. Los Angeles 6-5 (10 inn)Fowler Oak5gem, 2 of 5, 2 steals
Oakland d. Baltimore 4 to 0Fowler Oak4gem, 1b, W, Steal, run
St. Louis d. Oakland 6 to 3Fowler Oak43b and HR
Oakland d. Miami 9 to 4Fowler Oak32 hits, steal, 2 rbis
Seattle d. Oakland 4 to 3Fowler Oak22 SB
Los Angeles d. Oakland 3 to 1Fowler Oak12 gems
7Kluber Cle19Cy Young
Cleveland d. Texas 3 to 0Kluber Cle59 ip, 10k, 0 w
Cleveland d. Baltimore 4 to 0Kluber Cle49 ip 0, 13K, 2 w, 4H
Cleveland d. Chicago 4 to 1Kluber Cle47 ip 1
Cleveland d. Pittsburgh 8 to 2Kluber Cle39 ip, 2 runs
Cleveland d. Tampa Bay 6 to 1Kluber Cle39 ip 1 unearned run
8Kimbrel Bos18Fireman of the Year
Boston d. Tampa Bay 5-4 (11 inn)Kimbrel Bos5inherit loaded, none score 2.1 inn
Boston d. Baltimore 8 to 3Kimbrel Bos31 ip 0 SV hold 5-run sweep
Boston d. Los Angeles 6 to 3Kimbrel Bos31.2 perfect, save
Boston d. Miami 6 to 2Kimbrel Bos3Sv 5 straight outs
Boston d. Detroit 9 to 2Kimbrel Bos2Save
Boston d. Minnesota 3 to 1Kimbrel Bos10.2, Sv
Detroit d. Boston 8 to 4Kimbrel Bos1Salvaage,1.2 IP
10Miller Cle182nd Fireman of the Year
Cleveland d. San Francisco 4 to 3Miller Cle5inherited loaded, 0 R 5th or 6th, Win
Cleveland d. Minnesota 2 to 1Miller Cle43 ip 0 W
Cleveland d. Seattle 4 to 3Miller Cle32 IP, 5 ks, 0 R, Hold
Cleveland d. Kansas City 7 to 3Miller Cle32 ip 0r
Texas d. Cleveland 9 to 8Miller Cle33 perfect IP
13Sale Bos15Cy Young Runner-up
Boston d. Baltimore 3 to 0Sale Bos59 ip 0, 16k, 0w, 2h
Boston d. Kansas City 5 to 1Sale Bos49 ip 1, 3h 9k 0w
Boston d. Detroit 9 to 2Sale bos28.1 IP, 3 runs
Boston d. Cincinnati 9 to 3Sale Bos28 ip, 3 runs
New York d. Boston 2 to 1Sale Bos29 ip, 2 runs

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