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FINAL AL Statis-Pro Standings - Playoffs set

NL Final Standings here Statis-Pro season

East Division (NYY needs 4-2 vs. TB to win East)
New York 38-22       ---
Boston 36-24       2  (Host Wild Card Game)
Baltimore 27-33      11
Tampa Bay 22-38   16
(Toronto was 13-29 when 5th place teams dropped)

Central Division
Cleveland 38-22    ---
Chicago 34-26   4 (visits Boston in Wild Card)
Minnesota 29-31  9
Kansas City 26-34   12
(Detroit was 16-29 when 5th place teams dropped)

West Division
Houston 37-23   ---
Seattle 30-30   7
Oakland 29-31   8
LA Angels 25-35   12
(Texas was 16-29 when 5th plae teams dropped)

Update: While the top 4 teams are the same in Statis-Pro and the real season, the White Sox outlasted the A's and Mariners for a wild card spot as the one surprise team.

Here is how the last series played out for each team.

ChiSox 8, Oakland 5 - As the A's drubbed the Astros with a season-high 8 doubles to catch them for first plae in real action, they had a chance to move into the Statis-Pro wild card spot as well. Lowrie's three doubles in a 12-hit attack provided enough offense, but the A's gave up four unearned runs on three errors and a passed ball to lose 8-5.

Pitcher final StatsWLERA
Graveman, Oakland785.02
Shields, Chicago4116.14

ChiSox 10, Oakland 4 - At that point they needed a 5-run win in the nightcap to stay alive, but instead Castillo hit a 2-run homer and grand slam to give the ChiSox a 10-4 win and the sweep. One of the biggest differences between Statis-Pro and the real season is Castillo has been sitting on suspension this season, but drilling the ball as the clean-up hitter in Statis-Pro.

Pitcher final StatsWLERA
Santiago, Chicago843.72
Triggs, Oakland784.28

Those wins guaranteed the ChiSox at least a playoff game, with the exact position coming down to the Seattle vs. Cleveland series with these scenarios:
  1. If Seattle goes 6-0 against Cleveland, the ChiSox win the season
  2. If Seattle goes 5-1 against Cleveland, then the ChiSox would play a one-game playoff with Cleveland with the winner getting the division and the loser missing the playoffs - and that would be the worst-case scenario since the Mariners would need to beat Kluber (12-3, 0.74 ERA)
  3. If Seattle wins any less (4-2, 3-3, 2-4, 1-5 or 0-6) then Cleveland wins the division and the ChiSox get a wildcard spot.
Cleveland 4, Seattle 3 - Cano hit a 3-run homer in the first, but Cleveland clinched with a mini cycle in the third on four straight batters. Lindor singled, Ramirez tripled, Alonso doubled and then Encarnacion homered to make it 4-3 and one of the three dominant bullpens (along with the Yankees and A's) made it hold up.

Pitcher final StatsWLERA
Carrasco, Cleveland695.58
Hernandez, Seattle962.42

Cleveland 7, Seattle 3 - Brantley broke a 3-3 tie with an RBI single in the sixth, and Lindor followed with a 3-run homer to give the Indians a chance at the top record in the entire AL unless the Astros, Yankees or Red Sox go 5-1 in their final series. (If a tie-breaker is needed between any of these four the ranking is; 1) Astros, 2) Red Sox, 3) Yankees then 4) Indians.)

Pitcher final StatsWLERA
Bauer, Cleveland874.09
LeBlanc, Seattle246.05

LA Angels 7, Boston 3 - Boston needed to rally to keep from being swept (5-run rule), as Trout double early and scored on a single by Ohtani, then walked and after an RBI double by Ohtani they both scored on a single by Pujols. The Angels line-up is tough on lefties like Pomeranz (most of the BoSox rotation is lefthanded) and after chasing him in the 5th, Simmons hit a two run homer off Barnes to make it 7-1 and put the BoSox in danger of the sweep. However, Devers 2-run single in the bottom of the 5th plated Benintendi and Pedroia to get it back down to four runs, and Kimbrel came in with two on in the 9th to strikeout two batters and keep it just a 2 games to 1 loss. Meyer's first start for the Angels was a good one, as he finished 2-1 with a 2.79 ERA.

Pitcher final StatsWLERA
Meyer, Los Angeles212.79
Pomeranz, Boston336.51

Boston 6, LA Angels 3 - BoSox rookie Eovaldi gave them a PB2-7 as a No. 4 starter, and he gave them a solid 6 inning start, leaving with a 3-3 tie. The Angels' set-up man Alvarez came in with some hard luck, as the first batter he faced (Betts) reached on catcher's interference then stole second, and with one out scored on Vazquez second double and third hit of the game - showing the strength of the BoSox order top to bottom. Bradley added a 2-run homer in the eighth, and Kimbrel came in and retired the last five to continue to be the most dominant reliever in the AL this Statis-Pro season. Salvaging the split means if the Yankees do the same or worse than the Red Sox win the East and they Yankees play the White Sox in the wild card game. However, if they Yankees win both games against Tampa Bay or lose one by less than 5-runs and win the other by 5-runs or more - they would get credit for a 4-2 series win and take the AL East, forcing the Red Sox to throw Chris Sale (11-4, 1.49 ERA) against the White Sox Giolito (9-6, 2.23) in a one-game wild card. If the Yankees fall to the wild card game they would throw Severino (10-5, 1.86) against Giolito. In addition to the dangers of a one-game playoff the wild card winner only gets to throw their case once (Game 4) in the next 7-game series - meaning Eovaldi rather than Sale would get two starts if they need to play the wild card game and advance.

Pitcher final StatsWLERA
Eovaldi, TB-Boston212.79
Shoemaker, Los Angeles875.02

Next up: Tampa Bay (Snell 2-4, 1.86) and Castillo (2-4, 1.40) for short starts at Yankee Stadium vs. Sabathia (7-5, 1.86) and Lynn (2-4, 1.40 with Minnesota before trade to Yankees).

NY Yankees 6, Tampa 1 - The Rays "pitching by committee" gave them a chance into the sixth inning, as their one PB2-8 Stanek stretched at reduced effectiveness (PB2-6) to get through a perfect 4th and 5th and retired the first two in the 6th to keep the Rays within 2-1. However, when he gave up a 2-out single Chirinos came in to face the bottom third of the Yankees order, yielding singles to the first two he faced (Torres and Bird) and then a 3-run homer by Hicks to give the Yankees the coveted 5-run margin. When Sabathia walked one in the 8th the Yankees went to one of their PB2-9 options in Green, who yielded an infield single before retiring the last five to get credit for a 3-game sweep with the 5-run win. That meant the Yankees needed only to avoid a 5-run loss in the finale to finish ahead of the Red Sox to win the AL East, but their acquisition Lynn from the Twins came through with a strong 2-1 win that lowered his ERA to 1.86 heading into the playoffs. Lynn received help from the field as the Rays' vaunted running game was mowed down three times - with Sanchez throwing out would-be base stealers Pham and Kiermaier and Hicks throwing out Sucre at home to preserve the lead. The Yankees other PB2-9 Robertson came in for a perfect 9th to deliver a win that not only secured the division over the Red Sox but gave the Yankees the top seed in the AL playoffs over the Indians.

1st game pitcher's finalWLERA
Sabathia, New York1022.09
Snell, Tampa Bay4114.65
2nd game pitchers finalWLERA
Castillo, Tampa Bay332.33
Lynn, Min-NYY421.86

Final games with playoff implications will simply determine home advantage among divisional champs with the Astros (Morton 7-8, 2.42 and PB2-6 Cole 7-8, 2.98 with only one 2-8 reliever) at Baltimore (Bundy 5-10, 2.98 and Ramirez 1-5 2.33).

Baltimore 7, Houston 4 (10 innings) - George Springer and Josh Reddick collided and were injured on an early double by Davis, who also homered and singled in a game the Astros needed to win to have a chance to catch the Indians and Yankees for the best record in the AL and ability to host the wild card winner. While Springer's substitute Marisnick hit an eighth inning homre to tie the game at 3-3 and force an extra inning showdown of the two ace relievers (Givens for the Orioles and Devensky for the Astros) Houston fell short. In the AL we play variation rules with the first two batters of each extra inning getting intentional walks, and after a one-out single then loaded the bases for the Orioles in the top of the 10th, Trumbo hit a grandslam home run. After Bregman and Altuve received the Astros two walks in the bottom of the 10th, Correa grounded into a double play. Gonzalez double to cut the margin to 7-4, but the Astros could get no closer as they received the third seed. In the meaningless season finale, Gonzalez and Springer hit two homers a piece in a 13-3 batting practice against the Orioles to go into the playoffs on a high note.

1st game pitcher's finalWLERA
Bundy, Baltimore783.72
Morton, Houston873.72
2nd game pitchers finalWLERA
Cole, Houston1053.53
Ramirez, Baltimore158.37

Minnesota vs. Kansas City - The regular season ended with a battle for 3rd place in the AL Central, and Kepler sparked the Twins' scoring in both games with home runs against the new pitchers the Royals brought in for the bottom of their rotation. Keller lost 4-1 to finish with a 2-4 mark and 2.79 era, but he walked five in the first three innings including one with bases loaded to start the scoring. Morrison finished him off with a 2-out double to make it 4-1. Perez homered in the second game to give the Royals a brief 1-0 lead, but Kepler homered in the bottom if the 6th and four of the next five Twins hit safely capped by a double by former Yankee Tyler Austin's to make it 3-1. The best player may have been the Royals shortstop Escobar, who had 5 hits in 2 games and ended the season with a clutch Divi g grab with bases loaded that ended the Twins hopes of stretching the margin to 5-runs to claim a three game sweep and a .500 record, but instead they settled for a 29-31 mark, missing the playoffs by 5 games. Here are the ERAs for the starters of the last 2 games.

Keller, Kansas City242.79
Odiorizzi, Minnesota486.05
Fillmyer, Kansas City244.65
Gibson, Minnesota783.91

Click NL Statis-Pro season concluded and the final standings and four playoff match-ups are here. The expanded AL standings with accounts of the next-to-last series for each team and final ERAs and records are here. The top two teams in each division could still win their division if they win both games in their final series by at least 5 runs each to claim 6 more wins, and the team ahead of them losses both by at least 5-runs for 6 extra losses. The third place team in the AL West- the Oakland A’s – are the only other team still alive for their division and the wild card – meaning all 7 teams still alive an still win either their division or grab a wildcard spot.

Keep in mind the 3rd and 4th best pitcher in each rotation will pitch this series, so high scoring affairs and potential 5-run margins are possible.


1-game tiebreaker if any times tied and the loser would miss the playoffs. If both would make the playoffs, then break the tie with; 1) head-to-head record, 2) run differential, 3) ERA of best pitcher.

1-game Wild Card
Two best records of teams that did NOT win their division.

Two 7-game series
Team with best record in league hosts wild card winner in Games 1 and 2, as well as 6 and 7 if necessary.

Likewise, team with the better record of the two remaining Divisional Winners hosts the same games against the Divisional winner with both records (note that with one series left, the Astros, Indians, Yankees and Red Sox all now have a 33-21 record.

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