Saturday, August 4, 2018

Current Statis-Pro Standings

NL Standings

Updated standings will be revealed after the first place tie is broken head-to-head when the 15-8 Cubs play the 15-8 Brewers.

AL Standings

Tampa Bay's new addition Tommy Pham doubled twice in a 7-3 win over Texas to eliminate the Rangers and keep the Rays alive as the Statis-Pro AL dropped the three worse teams to continue with three 4-team divisions. The Rays' pitching by committee was enough in that game and in eliminating Detroit 6-4 the game earlier, however in both games, the lack of closers and set-up pitchers led to a nervous finish with 9th inning runs allowed both times.

The Rays average score of a narrow 4.4 to 5.0 loss is actually better than the team ahead of them, as the Baltimore Orioles have the weakest offense remaining at 3.4 runs per game and have now lost Colby Rasmus and Manny Machado. The team no AL team wants to play in the World Series is Arizona, who averaged beating NL teams 9.3 to 2.0.

AL CentralWinsLossesWin%Div GBWild CardRSRAIf Playoffs Today
Cleveland24180.571014.93.9AL Central Champ
Kansas City19230.452-5-44.44.9
AL EastWinsLossesWin%Div GBWild CardRSRAIf Playoffs Today
New York27150.643045.63.6AL East Champ
Boston25170.595-225.13.7Host Wild Card
Tampa Bay18240.389-9-54.45.0
AL WestWinsLossesWin%Div GBWild CardRSRAIf Playoffs Today
Houston28140.667055.32.8AL West Champ
Seattle23190.548-504.54.2Visit Wild Card
Los Angeles17250.405-11-63.75.1
AL EliminateWinsLossesWin%Div GBWild CardRSRAIf Playoffs Today
NL vs. ALWinsLossesWin%Div GBWild CardRSRAIf Playoffs Today
Arizona1110.9179.32.0do not count in standings
Cubs1020.8337.03.0do not count in standings
Washington930.754.81.8do not count in standings
St. Louis840.6675.82.8do not count in standings
Colorado750.5837.35.3do not count in standings
LA Dodgers750.5835.33.3do not count in standings
Mets660.54.04.0do not count in standings
Milwaukee660.53.52.8do not count in standings
NL RelegatedWinsLossesWin%Div GBWild CardRSRAIf Playoffs Today
Philadelphia750.5834.31.8Clinched spot in NL Playoffs
San Francisco480.3333.04.5
San Diego390.252.86.3
NL vs. AL Total100800.5564.93.7

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