Friday, August 3, 2018

Kluber Leading Cy Young Candidate in AL Statis-Pro Play

Opponents scored a total of three runs in four starts by Cleveland Indians' ace Corey Kluber, 0.75 per game, to register a 9-3 record in those games and leave the Indians atop the AL Central Statis-Pro standings.

We are more interested in playing enough games to follow all trades and line-ups rather than keep stats on our games. However, we do recond the starting pitcher in each game and for each game, the team gets credit for a 3-0 record (won by at least 5 runs), 2-1 for another win, 1-2 for a loss or 0-3 for losing by at least five runs. Therefore the following dump of the 51 pitchers to be credited for at least nine games (3 actually pitched) resembles the traditional Win-Loss records and ERA that were traditionally used to determine Cy Young Awards prior to modern stats.

While Kluber benefits from a great bullpen for an inning or two if he needs it, he has largely been untouchable this season. His 9-3, 0.75 would clearly merit the Cy Young as of today.

The Red Sox' Chris Sale might have the only possible argument due to being the only pitcher to guide a team to 10 "wins" already, at 10-2 for the best record and 1.50 Runs Allowed for the second best behind only Kluber. The only pitcher who could match that mark is the Astros' Dallas Keuchel, who is 7-2 with a 2.00, and with a shutout and "sweep" by the Astros of 5-0 or better would end up matching Sale at 10-2, 1.50.

Obviously, a runs against average can blow up with one terrible start so a number of pitchers could catch Kluber if on team roughs him up. However, today it his to lose. The Angels averaged allowing just 2.00 runs in Garrett Richard's starts and yet are 4-5. This is partly due to Richards having a great card but very low endurance and thus not being able to go deep into games and needing to turn it over to a weaker bullpen. His teammate Shohei Ohtani has the much more dominant card but he was shelled in one of his four starts to go 4-8, 4.75 for 27th of 51st. 

We do not have an easy way to track a pitcher that is traded during the season, so for now, this is just the list of those who started three or four games for the same team.

RankPitcher - min. 9 startsTeam WTeam LGame RA
1Kluber, Cleveland930.75
2Sale, Boston1021.50
3Verlander, Houston932.00
4Keuchel, Houston722.00
5Richards, Los Angeles452.00
6Duffy, Kansas City932.25
7Hernandez, Seattle842.25
8Severino, New York842.25
9Sabathia, New York722.67
10Triggs, Oakland542.67
11Giolito, Chicago752.75
12Archer, Tampa Bay543.00
13Morton, Houston753.25
14Hamels, Texas363.33
15Mengden, Oakland453.33
16Price, Boston363.33
17Rodriguez, Boston543.33
18Paxton, Seattle843.50
19Cole, Houston544.00
20Leake, Seattle454.00
21Santana, Minnesota754.25
22Gray, New York454.33
23Manaea, Oakland664.50
24Moore, Texas634.67
25Fulmer, Detroit394.75
26Graveman, Oakland664.75
27Ohtani, Los Angeles484.75
28Gibson, Minnesota575.00
29Faria, Tampa Bay455.00
30Junis, Kansas City365.00
31Montgomery, New York635.00
32Stroman, Toronto365.00
33Shoemaker, Los Angeles755.25
34Bauer, Cleveland455.33
35Norris, Detroit455.33
36Happ, Toronto455.67
37Cobb, Baltimore276.00
38Perez, Texas276.00
39Odorizzi, Minnesota276.33
40Liriano, Detroit756.50
41Porcello, Boston756.50
42Carrasco, Cleveland486.75
43Shields, Chicago2107.00
44Estrada, Toronto367.00
45Andriese, Tampa Bay367.33
46Sanchez, Toronto397.75
47Fister, Texas488.00
48Gonzalez, Seattle368.00
49Kennedy, Kansas City458.00
50Fiers, Detroit188.33
51Skaggs, Los Angeles278.67

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