Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mid-Eastern Athletic's Morgan State Favorite to Dethrone NC Central Behind POY Kendley

North Carolina A&T is the top ranked football program, while Morgan State seems to return the top basketball talent.

Value Add spots an unheralded North Carolina Central player Pablo Rivas as the most valuable, even though he played less than half of the time. He is a strong shot blocker and defensive rebounder, and made 27 of his last 33 two-point shots to help North Carolina Central win the conference championship to cap a 25-9 season. However, Morgan State's Tiwian Kendley should be the actual leading candidate for Player of the Year.

Here is where Value Add ranks each Mid-Eastern Athletic team for the season, and the Massey Rankings rank the football teams against all other schools (including behind the 129 FBS schools). Updates will be provided here.

MEAC / 2017 SeedHoops 2017-18Football
Morgan St.191302
North Carolina A&T198153
Norfolk St.278294
South Carolina St.279228
Florida A&M288276
Savannah St.331301
Delaware St.332348
North Carolina Central 16333200
Coppin St.345
Maryland Eastern Shore350
Bethune Cookman351217

Here are the top 15 projected players in the conference in order.

Top 15 MEAC PlayersValue AddSchoolHt
Pablo Rivas 134.39North Carolina Central`6-06
Tiwian Kendley 54.00Morgan St.`6-05
Zaynah Robinson 22.93Norfolk St.`5-11
Phillip Carr 222.89Morgan St.`6-07
Trevond Barnes 222.67Hampton`6-09
Tashombe Riley 22.56South Carolina St.`6-07
Brandon Tabb 32.51Bethune Cookman`6-05
Justin Ravenel 212.41Florida A&M`6-01
Dexter McClanahan 222.40Savannah St.`6-05
Ryan Andino 02.25Maryland Eastern Shore`6-02
Desmond Williams 02.20Florida A&M`6-06
Dejuan Clayton 131.97Coppin St.`6-02
Edward Stephens 11.95South Carolina St.`6-02
Davaris McGowens 01.71North Carolina A&T`6-07
Charles Williams 131.69Howard`6-04

Ken Pomeroy ranked the Mid-American 31st of 32 Division 1 basketball conferences, which will all be previewed here with notes on which schools are now "basketball" or "football" schools based on which program is stronger this season. Football revenue is much higher, but programs are much more expensive between equipment and the requirement of matching enough women's scholarships in other sports. Therefore some programs forgo FBS football programs to focus on low cost basketball programs as their biggest revenue sport.

Sports IllustratedFox Sports and ESPN have lauded Value Add Basketball for estimating the number of points each college basketball players is worth to his team above a replacement player - similar to baseball WAR (Wins Above Replacement). Massey Ratings is used for the football rankings above.

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