Sunday, September 24, 2017

Big Sky: Top 100 Player Hall Leads Balanced Hoops Season after E. Washington Football Dominates

Eastern Washington won a big showdown at Montana, 48-41, to establish themselves as once again better than many FBS football teams. When it comes to basketball, Montana State's Tyler Hall is a top 100 player (of 4,000) in a balanced basketball conference.

Value Add projects a very balanced basketball season after North Dakota earned a 15th seed after a 22-12 season.

Here is where Value Add ranks each Big Sky team for the season, and the Massey Rankings rank the football teams against all other schools (including behind the 129 FBS schools). Updates will be provided here.

Big Sky / 2017 SeedHoops 2017-18Football
Montana St.144164
Northern Colorado169172
North Dakota 15193132
Eastern Washington20192
Weber St.202151
Portland St.232179
Southern Utah252113
Northern Arizona271171
Sacramento St.274
Idaho St.284177

Here are the top 15 projected players in the conference in order.

Top 15 Big Sky PlayersValue AddSchoolHt
Tyler Hall 36.85Montana St.`6-05
Victor Sanders 115.58Idaho`6-05
Ahmaad Rorie 145.51Montana`6-01
Bogdan Bliznyuk 325.43Eastern Washington`6-06
Geno Crandall 04.80North Dakota`6-03
Michael Oguine 04.52Montana`6-02
Justin Strings 34.30Sacramento St.`6-07
Traylin Farris 304.19Portland St.`6-08
James McGee 143.79Southern Utah`6-02
Bryce Canda 03.57Portland St.`6-04
Harald Frey 53.56Montana St.`6-06
Jonah Radebaugh 123.44Northern Colorado`6-02
Dusty Baker 253.35Weber St.`6-04
Brekkott Chapman 03.20Weber St.`6-08
Fabijan Krslovic 203.14Montana`6-08
Jerrick Harding 103.14Weber St.`6-01

Ken Pomeroy ranked the Big Sky 26th of 32 Division 1 basketball conferences, which will all be previewed here with notes on which schools are now "basketball" or "football" schools based on which program is stronger this season. Football revenue is much higher, but programs are much more expensive between equipment and the requirement of matching enough women's scholarships in other sports. Therefore some programs forgo FBS football programs to focus on low cost basketball programs as their biggest revenue sport.

Sports IllustratedFox Sports and ESPN have lauded Value Add Basketball for estimating the number of points each college basketball players is worth to his team above a replacement player - similar to baseball WAR (Wins Above Replacement). Massey Ratings is used for the football rankings above.


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