Sunday, September 24, 2017

MAAC: Iona Once Again Team to Beat with Edogi Transferring to Join McGill

Only two teams play football, but when it comes to March Madness Iona could be a scary first round match-up once again. Ricky McGill was joined by Tulsa transfer TK Edogi to give them a devastating duo that could yield another top 100 team.

Value Add projects Fairfield's Tyler Nelson as the preseason Player of the Year, ranking in the top three percent of all layers (117th out of more than 4,000).

Here is where Value Add ranks each MAAC team for the season, and the Massey Rankings rank the football teams against all other schools (including behind the 129 FBS schools). Updates will be provided here.

MAAC / 2017 seedHoops 2017-18Football
Iona 14101
Saint Peter's255

Here are the top 15 projected players in the conference in order.

Top 15 MAAC PlayersValue AddSchoolHt
Tyler Nelson 36.65Fairfield`6-03
Rickey McGill 05.07Iona`6-01
Zane Waterman 44.60Manhattan`6-09
Matt Scott 134.18Niagara`6-04
Nick Griffin 04.11St. Peter's`6-02
Jermaine Crumpton 24.02Canisius`6-06
TK Edogi 143.86Iona`6-08
Kahlil Dukes 103.66Niagara`6-00
Austin Tilghman 233.63Monmouth`6-01
Zavier Turner 33.60Manhattan`5-09
Sam Idowu 233.59St. Peter's`6-07
Devine Eke 53.52Rider`6-07
EJ Crawford 23.12Iona`6-06
Jonathan Kasibabu 133.11Fairfield`6-08
Micah Seaborn 103.10Monmouth`6-05

Ken Pomeroy ranked the MAAC 19th of 32 Division 1 basketball conferences, which will all be previewed here with notes on which schools are now "basketball" or "football" schools based on which program is stronger this season. Football revenue is much higher, but programs are much more expensive between equipment and the requirement of matching enough women's scholarships in other sports. Therefore some programs forgo FBS football programs to focus on low cost basketball programs as their biggest revenue sport.

Sports IllustratedFox Sports and ESPN have lauded Value Add Basketball for estimating the number of points each college basketball players is worth to his team above a replacement player - similar to baseball WAR (Wins Above Replacement). Massey Ratings is used for the football rankings above.

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