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ODU 1997 that fell to All-Time Greatest Team (Tennessee late 90s) Moves Up to 12th All-time with VABG Win Over UNC 2007

 A couple of 20th century teams were upset recently in their Value Add Basketball GameValue Add Basketball Game debuts against all-time great teams, but the Old Dominion 1997 team pulled away from UNC 2007 by a 85-69 to move up to No. 12 in our all-time rankings. 

Like Caitlin Clark's breakthrough 2024 title game against South Carolina, the 1997 title game 1997 title game stunned the world by outdrawing the men's title (which happened to be the last Pac-12 men's title (Arizona). 

This was the true changing of the guard in a great game between the last of the mid-major dynasty teams (Louisiana Tech, ODU, Long Beach State) before Tennessee and then other big programs took over. This game came down to the final few minutes before the Vols defeated ODU for their 2nd of three straight titles. We rank the real Tennessee team from the next year - 1998 - as the greatest team in history right now and do not use teams with overlapping players and thus do not have the actual 1996 and 1997 team in the game.

This ODU team that almost beat them ranks just 11 spots further back at #12 all-time in the game, though this does not count the overlapping teams, so this ODU team would actually rank 26th if you could these there Tennessee teams, then the UConn 2000, 2002,  2003 and 2004 etc. on the rankings below.

RnkTeam (other top 50 team yrs)WLScoreAllowBest Players (rank if top 40 all-time)
1Tennessee 1998 (1996, 1997)4076.364.0Tamika CatchingsChamique Holdsclaw., No. 1, 21 best
2Connecticut 2002 (2000, 2003, 2004)1075.046.0Sue BirdDiana Taurasi, 3, 7 best
3Tennessee 2007 (2008)1089.070.0Candace Parker, 10 best
4Texas 19861076.066.0Clarissa Davis, 40 best
5Louisiana Tech 19823176.067.5Pam Kelly., 11 best
6South Carolina 2024 (2023)1084.055.0Kamilla Cardoso
7Connecticut 19951081.057.0Nykesha SalesRebecca Lobo, 31, 37 bests
8Connecticut 2016 (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018)1180.064.5Maya MooreKatie Lou Samuelson, 2, 22 best
9Notre Dame 20183176.372.8Arike Ogunbowales
10Connecticut 2010 (2009, 2011, 2013)2173.373.3Breanna Stewart, 4 best
11USC 1983 (1984)2172.063.3Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper, 9, 25 best
12Old Dominion 19971085.069.0Ticha Penicheiro
13Stanford 20211179.072.5Kiana Williams
14Louisiana Tech 1988 (1990)1080.064.0Teresa Weatherspoon
15LSU 20231089.061.0Angel Reese, 23 best
16Baylor 2012 (2011, 2013)1173.577.0Kalani Brown
17Tennessee 1989 (1987, 1991)0164.068.0Bridgette Gordon
18Iowa 20241084.064.0Caitlin Clark, 8 best
19Auburn 19891066.062.0Carolyn Jones
20Notre Dame 2012 (2014)0170.078.0Kylar Diggins
21Baylor 2019 (2017, 2018, 2020)1174.073.0Brittney Griner, 6 best
22Oregon 2019 (2020)0181.084.0Sabrina Ionescu, 14 best
23Texas A&M 20110169.076.0Danielle Adams
24Vanderbilt 20021076.065.0Chantelle Anderson
25Notre Dame 20011080.076.0Ruth Riley, 32 best
26Mississippi State 20180158.074.0Victoria Vivans
27Virginia 19911076.072.0Dawn Staley, 20 best
28Old Dominion 19850168.074.0Adrienne Goodson
29Maryland 200600  Crystal Langhorne
30Ohio State 19930165.076.0Katie Smith, 27 best
31Marquette 20191068.064.0Chloe Marotta, Natisha Hiedeman
32Indiana 20241078.070.0MacKenzie Holmes
33Old Dominion 19800155.080.0Nancy Lieberman, 12 best
34Michigan St. 200500  Liz Shimek
35LSU 200500  Sylvia FowlesSeimone Augustus, 39, 34 best
36South Carolina 2017 (2019)1169.073.5A'ja Wilson, 5 best
37Duke 20060166.075.0Alison Bales
38UCLA 20181071.063.0Monique Billings
39NC State 202400  Aziaha James
40Rutgers 200500  Cappie Pondexter, 36 best
41Louisville 20090074.068.0Angel McCoughtry, 38 best
42Stanford 201200  Nnemkadi Ogwumike, 24 best
43Washington 20170157.064.0Kelsey Plum, 15 best
44Louisville 20140169.076.0Shoni Schimmel
45Kentucky 201300  DeNesha Stallworth
46Georgia 20130170.089.0Jasmine James
47Oklahoma 20100166.076.0Abi Olajuwon
48Texas Tech 199300  Sheryl Swoopes, 18 best
49Colorado St. 199900  Becky Hammon, 19 best
50Rutgers 19880162.066.0Sue Wicks, 29 best
51Oklahoma 200200  Stacey Dales
52Virginia Tech 20240176.080.0Elizabeth Kitley
53USC 19940163.071.0Lisa LeslieTina Thompson, 26, 33 best
54Texas 20180162.084.0Ariel Atkins
55Minnesota 20040172.076.0Lindsay Whalen, 30 best
56Ohio State 20160168.079.0Kelsey Mitchell
57Long Beach State 19870153.098.0Penny Toler, Cindy Brown, 17, 28 best
58North Carolina 20070169.085.0Ivory Latta, 35 best
59Arizona 20210164.080.0Aari McDonald
60Penn State 20120164.084.0Maggie Lucas
61Purdue 20030161.089.0Shereka Wright
62Delaware 20130146.075.0Elena Delle Donne, 13 best
63Virginia 20180157.081.0Dominique Toussaint
64Auburn 20090155.084.0Keke Carrier, DeWanna Bonner

Ticha Penicheiro scored 16 points as the point guard, and combined with the two bigs and leading scorers in 6'5 Clarisse Machanguana (16 points) and 6'4 Nyree Roberts (20 points) took over to pull away. The scoresheet is pasted below the updated all-time rankings. Only 10 teams have yet to play in the game.

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