Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Updated Instructions for Statis-Pro Baseball

Click here for links to the 60 all-time great Statis-Pro baseball teams. Each team has simplified rules listed under the players, so you can play a game you need nothing more than to print two teams, and get two 6-sided dice and two 8-sided dice of different colors. 

In addition to updating the sheets of players for the 60 all-time great teams, we added full game instructions on this google sheet.  The first sheet now contains all the batters for the 60 great teams, the second sheet contains all the pitchers, the third sheet has the instructions and the fourth and final sheet has the results of our games among the 60 great teams to date.

For those of you who don't use google sheet, the instruction page is pasted below. These instructions provide the option of playing with dice if you do not have Fast Action Cards and/or Out charts.

On very important note regarding Cht - This is the one number that impacts both the pitcher and batter card during an at bat. So if a batter has "12" that means an 11-12 becomes a strikeout on either card, etc. Meanwhile an 86 would mean any 86-88 becomes a single with runners advancing two based on either card.

If noone on base, score as a fly out to centerfield. 

If 20-sided die comes up with men on base, ignore the PB to who is in control and instead use the 2-12 roll to determine the following result. 

If 4-7, refer to the 11-88 roll on the batters card for a Clutch Batting (BD result). 

If no BD range appears on the card or sheet then: A result of "1B" on the batters card is instead a double with all runners scoring. A result of "2B," "3B,", "HR," or "Deep" is a home run.

 Any other result is a long foul fly ball and batter is still at bat. 

If the 2-12 roll was either 2-3 or 8-12, then there is a chance for a clutch defense play. 

Roll the two 6-sided dice again and refer to the error chart to see which player has a chance for a clutch defensive play then use this chart.

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