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Seaver-McGraw Survive Rally with .381 BA DiMaggio on Deck

Tom Seaver and Tug McGraw fought through a Yankees 2-run rally in the 9th inning to escape with a 5-4 win with Joe DiMaggio and his .381 batting average sitting on deck and two men on base. Seaver, with an endurance rating of SR 18 (the number of innings as well as allowed hits, runs and walks allowed) was still at full strength when he took a 5-2 lead into the 9th inning. 

However, his bid for a complete game ended with 2 outs in the 9th when Bump Hadley had a pinch hit RBI triple to cut the lead to 5-3. McGraw came in needing just one out for the save, but the speedy sp:A) Joe Gallagher (who starts when a DH is used) greeting McGraw with a single to cut the lead to 5-4, then stole second and George Selkirk drew a walk to put the go ahead run on 1st base with good speed.  that put Joe Gordon up with a chance to tie the game with a single, and Joe DiMaggio sitting on deck with a .381 batting average with a chance to be a hero.

However, McGraw induced a fly out to left field to end the g and get the save and not give DiMaggio a chance to be the hero with one of the best cards in the entire game. Below is the previous of the game we did ahead of time, and below that is a photo of our scoresheet. If McGraw had faced DeMaggio and left the action on his card, there was more than a 50-50 chance the game would have been at least tied since he reached on all Random Numbers from 11-52, and all but three of those numbers being hits that likely would have scored multiple runs with speed on the bases and two outs.

Blog preview prior to Game

The third batter of our next all-time great game will feature Tom Seaver of the 1969 Amazing Mets facing Joe DiMaggio of the 1939 Yankees.  You can click to play your own free Statis-Pro baseball game, and pull up any of the 60 all-time great teams in this google drive. The three sheets include all batters, then all pitchers, then a list of all great teams and results and their home run ranges listed.

Note - if you scroll to the bottom, a couple of early home runs before we had to go back to work after 3 innings.

The 1939 Yankees Line-up includes George Selkirk* Joe Gordon Joe DiMaggio Charlie Keller* Red Rolfe* Bill Dickey* Babe Dahlgren Frankie Crosetti and the pitcher hits 9th..

In the bottom of the inning Bill Stafford for Yankees starts against Mets Line-up of Cleon Jones Donn Clendenon Art Shamsky* Tommie Agee Ken Boswell* Bud Harrelson# Jerry Grote Wayne Garrett* and the pitcher hits 9th.

The number under each results represents the top of the range on the numbers from 11-88, but it is a base 8 system so no numbers actually end in 9 or 0. Therefore the first batter, George Selkirk hits a home run on a 27-28, the number after his triple number of 26 but and since there is no 29 or 30, his home run range actually ends at 28.

We usually print out the sheets, but if you can't print we actually put the following excel cells on a screen and played the game while looking at the screen and subbing the line on the new pitcher when one comes in.

Not the pitcher at bat line. We are updating the sheet so that the pitcher at bat card is the result of the average of all pitchers at bat that season unless they have a specific batting card because they were a very good career batter. either pitcher on either of these teams has one of those cards. So any Yankees pitcher who bats in the game will get a single on an 11-22, 23 is a double, 24 is a deep drive that can be a HR, 25-41 is a strikeout, 41-44 is a walk and 45-88 should be an out. You never adjust a batter for platooning (left vs. right) and when a pitcher bats you skip the PB and go straight to the 11-88 random number on his card. 

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