Friday, June 21, 2024

May's HR Breaks Up No-No, But Pedora's Red Sox Win 5-2

 Clay Buchholz allowed only two hits in 7 innings, though one of them was a 2-run Homer by Willie Mays in a game played in his honor.

The Red Sox team that broke the curse of the Bambino in 2007 won 5-2 behind Dustin Pedroia, who had two doubles and made a great defensive play (best possible E-1, CD-5 at second base) to stop a rally by the 1954 New York Giants. 

The game was played in New York in 1954 with pitchers hitting, and Buchholz drove in Pedroia for the first run of the game despite only having the standard pitcher's hitting card that only gets hits on 11-14. 

The second of two games will be at the more hitter friendly Fenway in 2007, so deep drives will go out more easily, and in fact Jason Varitek had a deep drive that would have been out in the second game but not in the deep right center field of the Polo Grounds in 1954.

Both teams also have a better chance to score in the second game because each throws their 4th best pitcher.

In the first game we threw the aces. At this stage the Giants Hoyt Wilhelm could only pitch a few innings, so the starting ace was Johnny Antonelli, whose descendent Jon Antonelli was a college basketball player and the best player I ever played against in pickup ball in Richmond Virginia - though I did actually get to play once with Grant Hill and once with Terry Cummings, so I can't say the best ever.

Here is the set up and scriesheet, which I like to keep in freehand.

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