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2024 Statis-Pro NL Update Starts with Unexpected Willie Mays Tribute Card

Our blogs annual transition from basketball to baseball was set for today. We culminated earlier with the breakthrough blog producing 300 pdf links to our great men's and women's college basketball teams. Our NL Statis-Pro baseball commissioner provided the update further down in this blog on his great season playing out to transition us to baseball when the news broke that Willie Mays has passed away at 93.  (Our Statis-Pro instructions are here).

We pulled up our 60 all-time Statis-pro teams and went to the 1954 New York Giants and anyone who plays Statis-Pro baseball needs just one look to see why sports commentators tonight are discussing if he was the greatest player of all-time. For those of you who don't know, in Statis-Pro the pitcher tries to keep the action on his own card where batters still sometimes get a walk or single but never an extra base hit. Better pitchers keep it on their cards more often, lesser pitchers allow it on the batters cards more often, meaning about half the time Willie Mays came to the plate the action ended up on this incredible card:

The only weird thing about this card is the B/C on-base running speed that year, because he only stole 8 of 13 bases this first year back from the military. Within two years he was leading the league in steals year after year so would be an A/A for several straight years, but a B/C this year but that is the only thing about his 1954 card that is not incredible.

Make a mistake to Mays and their was a 50-50 chance he reached base, on half of the 64 possible numbers in the base-8 random number from 11 to 88. On the first 11 numbers (11-23) he singled, on the next 7 numbers (24-32) he doubles. 

Then I hit the incredible part - THREE numbers result in triples. I looked through the 60 all-time great teams in our game to see how many other players had three or more triples on their card. There are some reserves with few at bats, then then there were 16 players with three triples but no home runs from the dead ball era. But only nine players have had three triples that high (33-35 or three higher numbers) and I list them below.

All-Time Great TeamBats1b2b3bHRDeepKWHPBOutBAOPS
Melky Cabrera#SFG 2012SN11'-3233-3841-434445-4748-54  55-880.3460.906
Lou Brock*StL 1968LN11'-2728-3233-353637-4142-54545556-880.2790.746
Willie MaysNYG 1954RP11'-2324-3233-3536-4344-46 47-48 51-880.3451.078
Goose Goslin*Was 1924LN11'-2831-3637-4142-4344-46 47-4851-5253-880.3440.937
Eddie Collins*PhA 1910LN11'-3334-3637-414242-44  45-4647-880.3240.800
Rube OldringPhA 1910RN11'-2728-3536-384142-44  4546-880.3080.771
Danny MurphyPhA 1910RN11'-2526-3334-373841-43   44-880.3000.774
Sam Crawford*Det 1909LN11'-2627-3536-384142-44   45-880.3140.817

Notice that only one other player with three triples also has more than one home run number - Goose Goslin of the 1924 Washington Senators, and he has TWO homers. Mays has 3 triples AND one of the greatest home run ranges in the game with 6 home run numbers (36-43 keeping in mind it is base 8 so there is no 39 or 40). Players also get some homers off the three numbers in their DEEP range - and if they are playing a dead ball era game those are almost all caught for deep flies whereas if playing in the live ball era they are almost all homers.

There is simply not other player on our great 60 teams who is both an all-time elite triples hitter AND an all-time elite home run hitter - but Mays is as that's why his OPS was 1.078. His CD-5 (top clutch defensive rating) is an understatement as WAR (wins above replacement) indicates Mays was the top defensive player as well as offensive player in baseball that year - and I'm not sure if that has happened in the past. As this season was all coming off spending two years in the military.

I like playing board games because they let me "see" how good a player was. That 1954 he led the league not only in WAR on offense and defense, but in triples, batting average, OPS, OPS+ and the next year he also led the league with 9 double plays from the outfield - the first of three straight years in which he led the league in double plays which I assume resulted in runners not tagging up to try to advance on fly balls to him later.

We stopped producing statis-pro baseball cards because we don't want to compete with others keeping the game alive with great cards like those you find on Statis-Pro Advanced, so we just provide players in sheet form to get players used to playing the game so they see investing in cards is worth while.

Here are our 2024 Statis-Pro cards in sheet form to get you going if you have yet to play the game, and the following are the results from the NL commission based in Montana who rotates Statis-Pro leagues with me each year (this year I have the AL and he has the NL).

2024 Statis-Pro So Far with 10 Teams Selected to Play

I modified the injury policy. (got tired of so many stars dropping)

I’ll go back to the “what if” policy.  (was doing the 60-day IL)

So, I’m keeping the injured stars in play instead of taking them out. (just using Z plays for injuries)


Statis-Pro National League


NL “East”

Atlanta               20-14   .588      -

Milwaukee       19-15   .559      1

Chicago            17-16   .515      2.5

Philadelphia   16-18   .471      4

Miami                10-23   .303      10


NL “West”

Los Angeles       25-  9    .735      -

Arizona                17-16   .515      7.5

Cincinnati          17-17   .500      8

San Diego          16-18   .471      9

San Francisco 14-19   .424      11



The Dodgers are rolling and the statistics support their winning.  (helps having Kershaw in rotation)

With their healthy stars, it is surprising the Braves are only six games over .500.  (Acuna, Strider)

After their slow start, will the Phillies catch fire at the end of the season?

Who will emerge out of the jumble of wild card teams in the playoffs?

In our inter-league play the NL leads the AL 32-26 so far.


Statis-Pro NL MVP Race

Shohei Ohtani

Mookie Betts

Ozzie Albies


Statis-Pro NL Cy Young Race

Spencer Strider

Zack Wheeler

And here are the leaders so far in Statis-Pro play

Statis-Pro National League      

Statistics—32 games  



Shohei Ohtani, LA          1.153

Mookie Betts, LA             1.086

Ozzie Albies, Atl              1.014

Ketel Marte, Arz               0.997


Batting Average              

Noelvi Marté, Cin            0.362

Bryce Harper, Phl            0.361

Ketel Marte, Arz               0.348

Shohei Ohtani, LA          0.346

Luis Arráez, SD 0.336



Shohei Ohtani, LA          0.731

Mookie Betts, LA             0.691

Patrick Wisdom, Chi     0.689

Ozzie Albies, Atl              0.628


     Stolen Bases              

Ronald Acuña Jr., Atl     22-22

Christian Yelich, Mil      18-26

Corbin Carroll, Arz         14-15


Home Runs      

Patrick Wisdom, Chi     15

Mookie Betts, LA             14

Shohei Ohtani, LA          11

Austin Riley, Atl               10



Shohei Ohtani, LA          37

Austin Riley, Atl               36

Patrick Wisdom, Chi     33

Nick Castellanos, Phl   31


Batting Avg RISP             

Noelvi Marté, Cin            0.4

Shohei Ohtani, LA          0.382

Harper, Phl         0.381


       Two-Out RBI’s          

Shohei Ohtani, LA          14

Nick Castellanos, Phl   13

Marcell Ozuna, Atl         12



Mookie Betts, LA             34

Corbin Carroll, Arz         31

Shohei Ohtani, LA          31


   Total Bases    

Mookie Betts, LA             96

Shohei Ohtani, LA          95

Ketel Marte, Arz               83




Christopher Morel, Chi 63

Max Muncy, LA 53

Nick Castellanos, Phl   47



Shohei Ohtani, LA          13

Noelvi Marté, Cin            13

Orlando Arcia, Atl          11

Jason Heyward, LA        10

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