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2-Game Box Score 1986 Mets vs 1998 Yankees

I am actually on a silent retreat Friday through Sunday so scheduled this blog for while I am gone and not playing any games. As mentioned in my previous blog, on Thursday the 1998 Yankees rallies late again, overcoming Sid Fernandez typical 6 innings of shutout dominance (I swear through six innings you always thought he would throw the Mets first no-hitter) with five hits in the 7th and 8th inning capped by a Paul O'Neill 2-run homer for the sweep.

Here is the line-score and box for both games.

On correction to yesterday's blog - the long drive at the end by Darryl Strawberry was caught by Tim Raines rather than Paul O'Neill. He came in as a pinch runner and stayed in right field.
Game 1                              123 456 78910 RHE
NY Yankees 1998000 000 0021 3130
NY Mets 1986200 000 0000 280
Game 2123 456 789  RHE
NY Mets 1986100 100 000  270
NY Yankees 1998000 000 13x  470

The OPS for players is for the season they actually played, and the pitcher's OPS is actually the OPS for all pitchers batting that season. The Yankees hit .282 for the series while holding the Mets to .208, though the Mets had the only two homers. The box appears below a picture of the scoresheet.

Pos       NY Yankees 1998            OPS       ABRHRBIOther
SSDerek Jeter0.8648030 
LFDarryl Strawberry*0.8969000 
ph-dhChili Davis#0.8194010 
CFBernie Williams#0.9979240 
RFPaul O'Neill*0.88261122-run HR
3BScott Brosius0.8439130 
1BJorge Posada#0.8248011 
CJoe Girardi0.7036021 
2BChuck Knoblauch0.7657131gw-3b
PPitcher at bat0.3701010 
pr-rfTim Raines#0.7781000F9 final out
1BTino Martinez*0.8602111 
ph-prChad Curtis0.7141100sb
 Yankees total 7172060.282
PosNY Mets 1986OPS     
LFMookie Wilson#0.7759130 
CFLenny Dykstra*0.82291102b
1BKeith Hernandez*0.8599010 
RFDarryl Strawberry*0.8657122HR
dhKevin Mitchell0.8114111HR
3bRay Knight0.7758030 
CGary Carter0.77680202b
SSRafael Santana0.53960202b
2BWally Backman#0.7618000 
PPitcher at bat0.3482000 
phDanny Heep*0.7991000 
2BTim Teufel0.6930000 
LFLee Mazzilli# (+4) RN0.8481000 
prHoward Johnson#0.7870000 
LFGeorge Foster0.7180000 
 Mets total 7241530.208

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