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Mays vs. Ortiz in Next Game - And Adding All-Time Greats to Expand Teams

Watching David Ortiz lead a discussion in Birmingham about the MLB game last night at Birmingham's historic stadium in honor of recently departed Willie Mays, we decided on our next Statis-Pro baseball game. 

Using our all-time great Statis-Pro Baseball players sheets, we decided to put Ortiz' Boston Red Sox 2007 champs against Mays' New York Giants 1954 champs. You can play your own free game here.  Both teams are in our "Boston-New York Division" when we created five divisions of 12 all-time great teams ever. As we did with the Value Add Basketball game, we decided to add four teams to each division based on the best players of all-time not yet on a team. The four new teams we added to each division are in italics as the first four teams in each division, then the original 12 teams follow.

Right now we only have cards for the 12 teams not in italics, so just is just planned expansion. 

Next the 2007 Boston Red Sox will travel to 1954 to face the New York Giants, in a game in which pitchers will bat and deep drives only leave the park on a 11-38. The second game will be in 2007 in Fenway with the DH rule and deep drives of 11-58 going out of the park for home runs.

a Boston-New York Division   Year     Top 100 All-Time Players or top 2 players                       
Boston Red Sox190321. Cy Young, Jimmy Collins
Boston Red Sox191536 Tris Speaker, 1 Babe Ruth
Boston Red Sox1986Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens
New York Giants190525. Christy Mathewson, Mike Donlin*
Boston Braves1914Johnny Evers*, Bill James
Boston Braves1914Johnny Evers*, Bill James
Boston Red Sox19465. Ted Williams, Tex Hughson
Boston Red Sox200763. David Ortiz, Jonathan Papelbon
Brooklyn Dodgers195538. Jackie Robinson, 83. Roy Campanella, 95. Duke Snider
New York Giants19542. Willie Mays, Johnny Antonelli
New York Mets196922. Tom Seaver, 42. Nolan Ryan
New York Mets1986Darryl Strawberry*, Dwight Gooden
New York Yankees19271. Babe Ruth & 6. Lou Gehrig
New York Yankees193916. Joe DiMaggio, Marius Russo
New York Yankees19617. Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, 60. Whitey Ford
New York Yankees199828. Derek Jeter, 31. Mariano Rivera
New York Yankees2022Aaron Judge, Nestor Cortes
a East DivisionYearTop 100 All-Time Players or top 2 players
Cleveland Napoleons190348. Nap Lajoie, Addie Joss
Montreal Expos200277. Vladimir Guerrero, Andres Gallaraga
Pittsburgh Crawfords193335. Josh Gibson, 53. Oscar Charleston
Pittsburgh Pirates196527. Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell*
Cleveland Indians195450. Bob Feller, Bob Lemon
Cleveland Indians199568. Many Ramirez, 98. Jim Thome
Detroit Tigers19094. Ty Cobb, Ed Killian
Detroit Tigers196871. Al Kaline,Denny McLain
Detroit Tigers1984Chet Lemon, Willie Hernandez
Montreal Expos199411. Pedro Martinez, Moises Alou
Philadelphia Athletics191082. Eddie Collins*, Jack Coombs
Philadelphia Athletics192940. Jimmie Foxx, 54. Lefty Grove, 82. Eddie Collins
Philadelphia Phillies198018. Mike Schmidt, 58. Steve Carlton, Pete Rose
Philadelphia Phillies2008Chase Utley*, Cole Hamels
Philadelphia Phillies202294. Bryce Harper, Zack Wheeler
Pittsburgh Pirates190912. Honus Wagner, Babe Adams
a Midwest DivisionYearTop 100 All-Time Players or top 2 players
Chicago Cubs191857. Pete Alexander, Hippo Vaughn
Chicago Cubs196851. Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins
Kansas City Monarchs194641. Satchel Paige, Joe Greene
St. Louis Cardinals2006Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen
Chicago Cubs1907Frank Chance, Carl Lundgren
Chicago Cubs1907Frank Chance, Carl Lundgren
Chicago Cubs192920. Rogers Hornsby, Charlie Root
Chicago White Sox200549. Frank Thomas, Mark Buehrle
Kansas City Royals198543. George Brett, Bret Saberhagen
Milwaukee Braves19573. Hank Aaron, 47. Warren Spahn, 64. Eddie Mathews
Milwaukee Brewers198280. Robin Yount, 84. Paul Molitor, Rollie Fingers
Minnesota Twins1991Kent Hrbek*, Jack Morris
St Louis Browns1922George Sisler*, Urban Shocker
St Louis Cardinals194210. Stan Musial, Mort Cooper
St Louis Cardinals196833. Bob Gibson, 58. Steve Carlton
St Louis Cardinals198269. Ozzie Smith, Lonnie Smith
Toronto Blue Jays199386. Roberto Alomar, 84. Paul Molitor
a South DivisionYearTop 100 All-Time Players or top 2 players
Florida Marlins200359. Miguel Cabrera, Ivan Rodriguez
Texas Rangers199990. Ivan Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez
Texas Rangers2003Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro*
Washington Senators195970. Harmon Killebrew, Camilo Pascual
Atlanta Braves199514. Greg Maddux, 78. Chipper Jones, 93, John Smoltz
Atlanta Braves199514. Greg Maddux, 78. Chipper Jones, 93, John Smoltz
Baltimore Orioles197019. Frank Robinson, 67. Brooks Robinson, 85. Jim Palmer
Baltimore Orioles198366. Cal Ripken Jr., Mike Boddicker
Cincinnati Reds197520. Johnny Bench, 34. Pete Rose, 37. Joe Morgan
Florida Marlins1997Gary Sheffield, Kevin Brown
Houston Astros199824. Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio
Houston Astros200517. Roger Clemens, Lance Berkman
Houston Astros202272. Justin Verlander, Yordan Alvarez
Tampa Bay Rays2008Evan Longoria, JP Howell
Texas Rangers201197. Adrian Beltre, CJ Williams
Washington Nationals201965. Max Scherzer, Juan Soto
Washington Senators19249. Walter Johnson, Goose Goslin
a West DivisionYearTop 100 All-Time Players or top 2 players
Los Angeles Angels201815. Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani*
San Diego Padres199844. Tony Gwynn, Kevin Brown
San Francisco Giants197173. Willie McCovey, Bobby Bonds
Seattle Mariners199713. Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez
Anaheim Angels2002Garret Anderson* and Troy Percival
Anaheim Angels2002Garret Anderson* and Troy Percival
Arizona Diamondbacks200124. Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, Luis Gonzalez
Colorado Rockies2007Todd Helton*, Aaron Cook
Los Angeles Dodgers196332. Sandy Koufax, Frank Howard
Los Angeles Dodgers1988Kirk Gibson*, Orel Hershiser
Los Angeles Dodgers2019-2152. Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts
Oakland A's197255. Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter
Oakland A's198923. Rickey Henderson, Dennis Eckersley
San Diego Padres2022Manny Machado, Yu Darvish
San Francisco Giants20028. Barry Bonds, Kurt Ainsworth
San Francisco Giants2012Buster Posey, Matt Cain
Seattle Mariners200146. Ichiro Suzuki, Freddy Garcia

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