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Strawberry & Last Super Team (1998 Yankees) Face Strawberry and 1986 Mets

With the current day New York Mets taking sweeping a 2-game series from the New York Yankees, we put their exciting 1986 duo of Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden up against the last truly Super Team - the New York Yankees of 1998. As you pull up the 60 great teams, you will see that Strawberry was even better when he played for the 1998 Yankees (.896 OPS, 18-25 home runs) than when he was with the 1986 Mets (.865, 24-27 HR).  

Below these cards you will see the explanation of the 12 Super Teams and 10 Great teams in the game - and not the adjusted Cht field which allows a few more hits for a Super Team Player based on some final calibrations (e.g. 88/86 means against lefties an 88 is turned into a single with runners advancing two based, and against a righty any 86-88 is the same - and these adjustments occur on the batter's card as well as the opposing pitcher's card.

No 21st century team has repeated the World Series title, since the New York Yankees won the last three titles of the 20th century with this 1998 team followed by champions in 1999 and 2000.

Skip this paragraph unless you are a stat geek - We set up a simple grading system to rank the teams in our all-time great Statis-Pro game. We took their winning percentage, added .020 for per consecutive World Series titles, and finally added the following based on their World Series (+.100 for 4-gaem sweep, +.090 for 4-3 win, +0.080 for 4-2, +.070 for 4-3 win, +0.050 for 3-4 loss, +0.040 for 2-4, +0.030 for 1-4, and +0.020 for making World Series but being swept.We have 12 teams we ranked as "Super" for scoring .775 or higher, 10 teams as "Great" for scoring .735 or higher, 53 as "Very Good," and then 5 teams were not that good but were included to one of the greatest teams of all time in the game.

The 16 teams in our Boston-New York Division are by far the toughest with an overall .757 and five of the 12 super teams:

Division           Super   Great  Very good  Player  Rating    Super Teams                                            
1. Boston-NY54700.757NYY 1927, 1939,1961,1998, NYG 1905
2. East321010.691PhA 1910, 1929, Pit 1909
3. Midwest211210.686ChC 1907, StlL 1942
4. West021310.652None
5. South211120.645Cin 1975, Bal 1970

The East and Midwest as the second strongest, virtually tied with the East bragging two Philadelphia A's teams and a Pirates team, and the Midwest bragging a Super Cubs and Cardinals team.

The West and South were much weaker than the other three, though the South did boast the two Super teams from the 1970s with the 1970 Orioles and 1975 Reds.

We made a slight adjustment in the Cht right/left platoon adjustments throughout the sheet, and keep in mind those numbers adjust both the batter and pitcher card 11-88 result.

The 1998 Yankees and 1986 Mets will be our next game, then we will play one more Boston-NY Division game before moving onto another division.  Here are the links to the starting batting line-up for each team.

Links to players in both starting line-ups.

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