Friday, February 9, 2024

Links to All 226 Teams to Print and Play the free Value Add Basketball Game

To play the Value Add Basketball Game, you simply need to pull up or print these game instructions, and buy a 20-sided die, 8-sided die, and two different colored 6-sided dice.

1. If you play fantasy games, you can click the following link to get our 120 great all-time players. If using individual players from these sheets then you need to cut each of the 12 sheets into the 10 players each:

Great Players for Value Add Basketball Game FINAL

2. If you previously printed the 200 great teams and just want to print the teams we just added to make sure all of the top 75 players of all time (as listed in this Athletic Ranking) were in the game, then you can print the following two links for those 26 newest teams:

Four 21st Century Teams of All-Time Great Players Not Yet in the Game

Newest Additional Teams: VABG 22 Teams of Final Greatest 75 players not already in game

3. The list of all 226 great all-time teams are broken into 8 lists alphabetically, so you can look for your favorite school and see what year's teams are in the game.

New List A - Alabama to Connecticut 2004

New List B - Connecticut 2023 to Georgia Tech 2004

New List C- Gonzaga 2017 to Kentucky 1948

New List D- Kentucky 1970 to Miami 1965

New List E - Miami 2013 to North Carolina St. 1974

New List F - Northwestern 2017 to Seton Hall 1989

New List G - Seton Hall 2020 to UCLA 2006

New List H - UCLA 2021 to Xavier 2023

We also keep a list of the scores of all the games we play between great teams and update our all-time rankings by adjusting their ratings using a formula similar to the one used by You can look up our scores and rankings by clicking here. We are also happy to add scores from games you play using the game - just email scores to 

The only teams we have not used in a game to date are those 26 new teams. The tournament below lists the next games we plan to play. It worked out nicely because six of the new teams are truly elite and ranked much higher than the other 20 new teams. 

Therefore those six get a bye and we will have them in 30-team pods. For example, the 16-seed Florida State (1968) will play the 17-seed Centenary out of Louisiana (1976) and the winner will play our 1-seed in this tournament Michigan 1993 - the famous Fab 5 led by Chris Webber.

The next pod down is an interesting match-up - if Kevin Durant can help Texas win an in-state battle with Tiny Archibald and UTEP, then he would face his long-time NBA teammate Russell Westbrook at UCLA.

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