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Battier Lights It Up Early for Duke, then McAdoo, Worthy and Jordan Respond for UNC

Who cares about Saturday's 6:30 pm Duke v UNC game when we had the big showdown the night before between the all-time players for both schools!

Like Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game I don't have actual footage to prove it happened :-) but here is the play by play of the final of three games between the only schools with five all-time great players in the Value Add Basketball Game.

If you'd rather jump to the final box score click here.

Duke's all-time team came out on fire from deep. Current Coach Jon Scheyer hit a 3-pointer with 41 possessions to play to give them the 27-24 lead. Then Shane Battier hit consecutive 3-pointers, scored again on the next trip, and then Johnny Dawkins had the traditional 3-point play with an and-one and Duke led 38-27 with 37 possessions to play.

As you may guess - Bob McAdoo's dominant inside play and then the suffocating backcourt of Michael Jordan and James Worthy brought UNC back with some great stretches from 1950s star Billy Cunningham. Here is the play-by-play of the Final game of our Round Robin, with both having already played UCLA in the first two games.

If you want to play your own fantasy game or league, you can draft from the 120 all-time great players listed alphabetically from Abdul-Jabbar to Worthy.

We will add the box and a few other notes at the bottom after the initial post of this play-by-play. 
UNC   Duke           Poss           UNC Player              Result      Duke Player               Result
21 2044Bob McAdoo1 Christian LaettnerFoul
22 ChartBob McAdoo1   
 21 Vince Carterfoul Shane Battier1
 22    Shane Battier1
  43Michael Jordan miss Christian LaettnerReb
  5-CBob McAdooblock Christian Laettnermiss
   Billy Cunninghamreb   
  42Billy CunninghamTO Justise WinslowSteal
 24Chart   Jon Scheyer2
      off fast break 
24 41Michael Jordan dunk   
 274-PF   Jon Scheyer3
26 40Michael Jordan 2   
 30Chart   Shane Battier3
  39Michael Jordan miss Shane BattierReb
 333-SF   Shane Battier3
  34Billy Cunningham0 Justise WinslowFoul
27 ChartBilly Cunningham1   
 35    Shane Battier2
2735 Halftime Score    
  37Billy Cunninghamto   
 372-SGMichael Jordan foul Johnny Dawkins2
 38    Johnny Dawkins1
29 36Bob McAdoo2   
  ChartMichael Jordan Steal Johnny Dawkinsto
31 35Billy Cunningham2   
  1-PGoff fast break    
      Christian Laettnerto
  34Billy Cunninghamto   
  ChartJames Worthyblock Jon Scheyermiss
   Vince Carterreb   
  33Billy Cunninghammiss Shane BattierReb
  High DefJames Worthyfoul Jon Scheyer0
 39    Jon Scheyer1
33 32Bob McAdoo2   
  ChartJames Worthyfoul Jon Scheyer0
 40    Jon Scheyer1
35 31Bob McAdoo2   
  5-CBob McAdooreb Christian Laettnermiss
37 30Billy Cunningham2   
 42Chart   Christian Laettner2
39 29Billy Cunningham2   
 444-PFBilly Cunninghamfoul Justise Winslow2
   Billy Cunninghamreb Justise Winslow0
41 28Billy Cunningham2   
 47Chart   Shane Battier3
43 27Bob McAdoo2   
 493-SF   Justise Winslow2
  26Vince Cartermiss   
  ChartBob McAdooOreb   
45  Bob McAdoo2 Christian LaettnerFoul
46  Bob McAdoo1   
   Bob McAdooblock Christian Laettnermiss
   James Worthyreb   
47 2-SGBilly Cunningham1 Justise WinslowFoul
48  Billy Cunningham1   
   James Worthyreb Shane Battiermiss
  24James Worthyto Jon ScheyerSteal
  ChartBob McAdoo  Shane Battiermiss
      off fast break 
  23Billy Cunninghammiss Justise Winslowblock
  1-PG   Johnny DawkinsReb
      Justise Winslowto
50 22Billy Cunninghamdunk   
  ChartMichael Jordan Steal Johnny Dawkinsto
  21Michael Jordan 0 Johnny DawkinsFoul
51 High DefMichael Jordan 1   
   off fast break    
 52    Shane Battier3
54 20Billy Cunningham3   
  Chart   Christian LaettnerTO
5452 12-minutes mark    
56 19Bob McAdoo2   
  5-CJames Worthyreb Jon Scheyermiss
  18Michael Jordan TO Johnny DawkinsSteal
  ChartBob McAdooblock Christian Laettnermiss
   Billy Cunninghamreb   
  17Bob McAdoomiss Justise Winslow 
  4-PFBilly Cunninghamreb Jon Scheyermiss
58 16Michael Jordan 2   
  ChartBob McAdooSteal Christian Laettnerto
  15James Worthymiss Jon Scheyerblock
 543-SFBob McAdoofoul Christian Laettner2
 55    Christian Laettner1
  14Vince Cartermiss Shane Battierblock
  Chart   Justise Winslowreb
   Michael Jordan reb Johnny Dawkinsmiss
  13Vince Cartermiss Shane Battierblock
  2-SGMichael Jordan reb Jon Scheyer 
  12Vince Cartermiss Shane Battierblock
  Chart   Christian Laettnerreb
      Jon ScheyerTO
  11Vince Cartermiss Johnny Dawkinsreb
 571-PG   Justise Winslow2
  10Michael Jordan TO   
  ChartJames WorthySteal Jon ScheyerTO
  9James WorthyTO Shane BattierSteal
  High DefBob McAdoo  Jon Scheyermiss
  8Bob McAdoomiss Christian Laettnerreb
  5-CJames Worthyblock Jon Scheyermiss
   Bob McAdooreb   
59 7Billy Cunningham1 Justise WinslowFoul
60 ChartBilly Cunningham1   
 59    Christian Laettner2
62 7-extraVince Carter2   
  ChartJames Worthyblock Jon Scheyermiss
   Vince Carterreb   
6259 4-minute mark    
  6Billy Cunninghammiss Justise Winslowreb
  4-PFJames Worthyblock Jon Scheyermiss
   Billy Cunningham    
  5Vince Cartermiss Shane Battierblock
  Chart   Justise Winslowreb
   Bob McAdooblock Johnny Dawkinsmiss
   Billy Cunningham    
  4Vince CarterTO Shane BattierSteal
  4-PFMichael Jordan reb Johnny Dawkinsmiss
65 3Michael Jordan 3   
 60ChartBilly Cunninghamfoul Justise Winslow1
 61    Justise Winslow1
  3-extraBilly CunninghamTO   
  ChartMichael Jordan block Johnny Dawkinsmiss
      Justise WinslowOreb
      Justise Winslowmiss
   Billy Cunninghamreb   
  2James Worthymiss Christian Laettnerreb
  5-CBob McAdooreb Christian Laettnermiss
  1Michael Jordan 0 Johnny DawkinsFoul
66 ChartMichael Jordan 1 intentional foul-clock 
   Bob McAdooblock Christian Laettnermiss
   Bob McAdooreb   
68 1-extraBob McAdoo2   
  Chartskip  Shane Battiermiss
      Shane BattierOreb
 63 James Worthyfoul Jon Scheyer2
      Jon Scheyer0
   Bob McAdooreb intentional miss 
6863 Final   

UNC is the champion of our round robin at 2-0, UCLA finishes second at 1-1, and Duke finishes 3rd at 0-2.

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