Friday, February 9, 2024

22 New Teams - Mourning, Mutombo Join Top 4 Top Shot Blockers

22 Teams are complete and ready to use in place including dunk range. Simply click and print any or all of the 22 pages. 

We finally have the final 22 teams of each of the greatest 75 players of all time that did not yet have a team in the game. You can click here to pull up the 22 teams on 22 pages. We also added the link to the Value Add Basketball Game.

Outside of double checking everything for any errors, the only things we do not yet have on the cards is their DUNK and ADJUST ranges, which are crucial because they measure level of competition.

Here are the best two teams of the new 22. The Fab 5 at Michigan requires no explanation.

However, something truly amazing was revealed when I ran the Georgetown cards.

Some time ago we calculated that four of the thousands of players in the Value Add Basketball Game were such elite shot blockers that they needed a category of their own where they blocked the shot of the player they were guarding on 12-26, but also blocked the shot of anyone on the court on three numbers - 32, 65 and 66. 

That's four players in the first 200 teams we created. 

The truly amazing thing that revealed was that both Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo calculate so far above even the other great shot blockers that they both get that rating – meaning the starting and back-up center for Georgetown 1989 join the Admiral David Robinson, Hakeem, Wilt and Bill Russell as the six truly elite shot blockers of all time.

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