Sunday, February 18, 2024

Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore and Top Free Agents - Statis-Pro 2024 Projected Pitchers

Click here for our 2024 Statis-Pro pitching cards (in sheet form) based on projected results for the 2024 season. You can click here to play the Statis-Pro game with either a few dice or fast action cards with random results. We are posting the teams alphabetically in 8 blogs, listing the our suggested 5-man starting rotation and then the best three relievers cards in the blog, along with the baseball reference link to each player. The google sheet lists more than 20 pitchers for each team, but each blog includes only the top 8 cards for each team with links to the baseball reference page for each one.

For those playing Statis-Pro baseball for the first time, they most important number for each pitcher is the PB rating - which determines if the action will occur on the Pitcher's card (the best 25 pitchers in baseball keep it on their card on a 2-dice roll of 2-9 with only a 10-12 on the batter's card, while any pitcher not projected in the top 275 MLB pitchers is a 2-4). The average card is a PB 4-7, which is exactly half of all combinations on the pitcher's card and half on the batter's card.

The worst result on a pitcher's card is a single, while all extra base hits are on the batter's card. The eight blogs are broken into the following - click on the link that includes a team you want to play.

World Series defending champs Texas to Washington

Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore and Top Free Agents - Statis-Pro 2024 Projected Pitchers

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