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Reggie Miller Record 8 3-pts for UCLA Revenge Vs. UNC-Cunningham

UNC's All-time team defeated UCLA's All-time Value Add Basketball Game, but in the match-up of their actual teams Billy Cunningham had no defensive help.

Cunningham's 1965 teammates' +6 defensive rating is one of the worst in the game, meaning most of the game Reggie Miller's 51-56 dunk range and his defenders +6 defense gave him the maximum 51-66 score range. Pictures of the cards below show the dimes and pennies on the players in the game at a couple of different times in the game - and when both Cunningham and Miller were both either the 4th or 5th player in the game left to right (we always count a player on the second line as "right" of the player above). then they were guarding each other. In those cases their identical -6 defense took away the other's 51-56 dunk range meaning the result went straight to the 20-sided die with no automatic score.

The problem for UNC was Miller's 20-sided die range includes a 1-5 made 3-pointer, and he set a record for our game with eight 3-pointers en route to 36 points and an easy 80-65 win against UNC.

They now advance to play a much tougher defense in the 1989 Georgetown Hoyas, featuring two of the top six shot blockers in our game in Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo.

One other thing to note in the sheets below is that both of these teams have pretty confusing substitution rotations, which I write at the bottom of the cards as indicated when I figure out what possessions I plan to use which players. remember dimes indicate players that get the ball on more than one number, and in this game both Miller and Cunningham get the ball on two extra numbers.

UNC 1965                   Pts    3pt    2pt   FT    Att    Reb    Stl    Blk   Fl
Tom Gauntlett402002111
Ian Morrison703111202
Bob Lewis1616124212
Ray Respess402008001
Billy Cunningham1506355422
Bench VisitorsPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFl
Ray Hassell511001001
John Yokley402001001
Bill Brown402001001
Mark Mirken201004001
Bob Bennett402004001
19 Turnovers6522758319413
UCLA 1987Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFl
Pooh Richardson402001112
Montel Hatcher1206002211
Dave Immel511003001
Reggie Miller3686003223
Charles Rochelin402006032
Bench HomePts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFl
Trevor Wilson502132002
Craig Jackson201001001
Jack Haley603022001
Greg Foster201002111
Kevin Walker410111001
16 Turnovers80102426236815

Here are the screen shots to show the rotations. The game started at 10:41 pm and ended at 11:19 pm for a 38-minute play time. 

At the very beginning of the game Miller was out for one possession, but when he came in the next possession he was "5th" and so was Cunningham so they guarded each other, but in most of the game like the next photo with both on one photo, weaker defenders were on both.

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